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Sleep. I met with my mentor this evening and as I told him I will tell you. My sleep cycles are all jacked up. My four days off I will stay up until 2am – 7am sometimes and then wake up at 12/1pm. When my Monday rolls back around, which for me is tomorrow, I have to make sure I get in bed and go to sleep at a decent hour so that I can get up for work on time and not be a zombie.

It’s difficult to do but it’s easier as my week goes along.

I blame it on video games and me naturally being a night owl. If it weren’t for that new game Destiny, I wouldn’t really have anything to give me devout adrenaline rushes at night unless it was for that game. I did well putting away my mobile game addiction and I’ll do well putting away this one when I’ve grown bored of it, which is already starting to happen. I’ve been waking up around 12/1pm — then eating, and after I eat I’ve been laying down and watching Netflix to wake up 2/3 hours later around 8 or 9pm to find that I now cannot goto sleep at a decent time.

I don’t know how much of a toll this is doing to my body but I am at least aware of it and will know where to point the blame if I have any adverse affects arise.

For now… I just want to sleep.

Goodnight world. Sweet dreams.


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