Who Am I?


Dominic Jones is a young adult (24) African-American male who considers himself first and foremost a writer and world-traveler. He has been diagnosed with Sickle Cell Anemia at birth; however, has been blessed to have a type that isn’t as malicious as the others. He comes from a small immediate family of four (4) which has endured a divorce at Dominic’s ripe age of five (5). He was accepted into Carver’s School of the Arts for his writing but didn’t follow his passion at the time; instead he chose to attend a technical high school program where his interest in computers became skillsets.


Dominic Jones has acquired his Bachelor of Arts in English and a certificate in Information Systems Security from Pennsylvania State University. He currently is utilizing his technical background in his new career (see below). What he has learned also has helped him in creating his Online Portfolios and his brand’s online identity. He just recently began freelancing his writing skills and abilities to create an income stream utilizing his degree. His freelancing profiles can be found here and here. His Online Portfolios can be found here (coming soon) and here (coming soon).


Dominic Jones has just recently began his career working at one of three corporate offices for The Bon-Ton Stores, Inc. as a Help Desk Technician. Obtaining this career goes to show how important knowing people is as it was only by knowing the family owner of the company did he receive an interview. Otherwise, he feels as though this position would have been out of reach for him. He is still presently marketing and promoting WorldVentures, the world’s leading travel club, part-time as he works his full time career.


Dominic Jones sees himself in the near future being able to fire his boss with the income he has obtained by marketing WorldVentures. He sees himself acquiring his certificate to Teach English as a Foreign/Secondary Language to both adult learners for businesses and eventually children. Due to the time freedom he has acquired thanks to WorldVentures, he will be able to travel the world, write professionally as a freelancer and creatively as an author still seeking publication, teach for the love of teaching as a teacher of foreign language, and get more involved in the community for Sickle Cell Anemia while working to become the biggest philanthropist for finding a SCA cure. He also sees himself acquiring fluency with the various native languages in the countries he teaches in. Lastly, he looks to help others actualize their potential by speaking professionally around the world.

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12 thoughts on “Who Am I?

    1. Thank you Jacob for the follow! Yes I’ve already went ahead and followed you back as part of my pledge! Check out My Pledge page http://iconsidermyselfavagabond.com/i-pledge/ ! I’m doing great, how about yourself Jacob? You can also follow my creative blog here: nowthatyoucanhearme.wordpress.com . Both of my sites haven’t much content on them as of yet because I’ve been extremely busy working on the back end for what these websites are about to become. 🙂
      Let’s connect and see how or if we can help each other.

    1. You’re so very welcome! Anything else I can do to help you please think of me first! I’m open to Skype calls, e-mails etc. I love to help people grow and reach their goals. You support me with your likes and readership so I’ll always be supportive of you!

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words! I have visited and like your blog as well. Sending you powerfully positive energy from Pennsylvania, United States! Keep empowering women and playing that piano!

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