The Ring of Fire

There are very few things as awe-inspiring as the eruption of a volcano, nor as deathly terrifying. The combination of which creates such a sublime spectacle it makes it difficult to decide whether if there is a line between fearing and revering the natural occurrence. Most people would satisfy themselves with both of these options and I am one of those people.

The three Calbuco eruptions have cancelled flights from Brazilian airports that had destinations planned for Chile, Argentina and Uruguay. The immediate effects of displacing families from their homes as Chile’s National Office of Emergency set and maintain a safe perimeter from the volcano also has its global effects.

  1. The CO2 that is released into the atmosphere pales into comparison from how much humans add to the greenhouse effect.
  2. More importantly is the sulfuric ash that combine with the water in the atmosphere to create aerosol that absorbs and re-directs sunlight away from our planet in the upper regions of our planets hemisphere: troposphere and stratosphere.
    1. This is called atmospheric haze and can spread throughout the world in a matter of weeks.
    2. The results can lower global temperatures (which may be a blessing in disguise as it is a known fact that our planet is on the temperature upswing and what harms that this can cause).
  3. Lastly, the sulfur-rich ash scatters light in the red wavelength which causes more beautiful sunrises and sunsets.

It amazes me how nature always seems to take care of itself, and us in the process. I noticed throughout this week that the sunrise has been a deeper orange, closer to red color and my desire for meaning is satisfied by attributing this to Calbuco.

Intuition is telling me to expect a lot of activity this year and the years to come from the Ring of Fire. I just hope that it we don’t lose human lives in the process.


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