Rattled Nepal

Displaced, displaced, displaced. How many families have been so?

Death tolls have risen above 3,600 as of 6:54 AM as reported by BBC News with an additional 6,500 injured.

The 7.8 Earthquake, one of an average of 10-20 per year, has crumbled Nepalese cultural landmarks and homes with the help of powerful aftershocks that reached up to 6.7 in magnitude lingering into Saturday and Sunday.

Those same aftershocks continue to rattle the tent cities that have sprung up outside of Kathmandu and other villages with damaged infrastructure.

At least four out of seven Unesco World Heritage sites in the Kathmandu valley– three of them ancient city squares – were severely damaged.

There are 14 international medical teams on the way to Nepal, the UN says, and up to 15 international search-and-rescue teams have been sent.

The severe weather in mid spring is worrying me for what is to come over the summer months. For those of us who house a global mind & heart, this earthquake was felt around the world.


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