I give value first. I’ve said it over, and over again in my posts. I seek to give valuable content that can be utilized for your gain, your benefit, your amusement, your inspiration, your entertainment and ultimately as your resource.

I help other people. This is evident in my page I Pledge page: I always seek to help those who are seeking to help themselves. Although I may not be able to help everyone and all parties I come into contact with may not need my help I pride myself on making myself available to you who see me as a resource that you can use. This ties in with the value that I offer so that my audience does see and recognize me as a valuable resource.

I help to the ability that I am able, I provide help for other people. I provide help for people the same way others have provided it for me. I can’t help everyone, but I help as many as I can.

I strive to be the best at what I love to do. A humbling reminder which serves as ongoing wisdom. The wisdom in the statement is derived from the present tense verb “strive,” whereas I’m always trying to provide more value, better value, more information, better information, pour into you with everything that I have and everything that I am. It also reminds me that in my striving, I will continue to be humble and be a student because there is more for me to learn and I will never act or come to a point where I now know it all.

I establish long-term relationships with everyone. I seek to help you to build a long lasting relationship with you. When I do business with my clients, in every proposal that I write, no matter if the job is a one-off job, I include in it that I seek to build a long-lasting business relationship with them. This way my mind is set on the long-term benefit of a powerfully positive, mutually beneficial relationship that is founded on fairness. When you’re always thinking long-term, the aggravations & frustrations of the moment will never outweigh or corrupt what has already been built or more importantly, what could be built.

I have fun and I do that every day. This stems from loving what you do. If you love what you do, you have fun doing it, it never feels like a work or a job. This is what I want for you. I thoroughly love what I do and where it is taking me, and I seek to help all reach the same level of love for your craft whatever your craft may be.


My Pledge to You

My Pledge to You

I, Dominic Jones, solemnly swear, that whosoever likes a post of mine, or comments on one of my posts, I will follow their blog and promote them. I promise to always try and connect with the individuals who have taken the time to read a post of mine, and add value to their lives anyway that I possibly can.

Signed: Dominic Jones

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The main points of this philosophy page are accredited to Jeffrey Gitomer


8 thoughts on “Philosophy

    1. Thank you very much! That’s all I know how to do. Basically all of my careers have been in customer service. Is there anything you have in mind how I can help you out with? It will help to talk and get to know each other a bit better to make the connections where I can provide help for you.

      If you’re open to having that discussion feel free to shoot me an e-mail at

      1. Well shoot me an e-mail and we will open up the conversation. I will get to know you via a series of general questions, find connections that I can make between our lives and direct our conversation from the connections that we make!

        I’ll be waiting!


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