3 Staples for Running Your Digital Business

At the beginning of my internet use, between the age of 7-9 years old, I was always online mostly writing in role playing games that served me no value other than a creative outlet. I loved it, really I did. I spent time building characters and stories that evolved and imagined in that fictional world I shared with the other players of the community.

Back then I nurtured my passion for writing and fed into my child like imagination. The hours of sweat equity I put into those fictional worlds I sometimes wish I could replace with hours of building the business systems and learning skills that now preoccupy most of my time.

15 years elapsed and hundreds of e-mail list subscriptions later and I still just simply was not catching on to the key ingredient to getting a digital business off the ground. Then February of 2015 came along and through an e-mail subscription I happened to come across more free products and webinars that would finally make it all click.

growth is neverby mere chance

In the webinar I learned a few things:

  1. E-Mail Marketing
    1. I learned the importance of making that personal connection with your subscribers inbox. All this time I believed that nobody would want to hear what I have to say to such an extent that if I did attempt to build up a sizable e-mail list it would take me years of work or result in another failed attempt and waste of time. Or was it that in my earlier years I just despised having to rifle through so many e-mails that felt like attacks on my personal space by virtual solicitors knocking my door down and cluttering my mail box with unwanted mail.
  2. Digital Products
    1. I have always felt technologically inclined but I’ve never actually created a digital product. You cannot generate passive income online without having a product to promote, whether if it is your own, or if it belongs to someone else.
  3. Passion
    1. None of the above will be successful without passion and earnest belief in the value you’re adding to the world.

All things happen for a reason. I was not the man I am today years ago and if I would’ve attempted to create a business system that failed at such an early age, I may never have developed my love and intangible characteristics necessary for success that I now possess: an indomitable spirit and will to succeed, an undying love for helping others, and the skills & knowledge necessary to bring it all full circle.

TOWWIOW continues to grow, one small baby step at a time.



2 thoughts on “3 Staples for Running Your Digital Business

  1. Always is and always will be! Thank you so much for engaging in my posts! I’ve received your e-mail and will formulate a way we can go about this. I have to do some research first and see how I can work this out.

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