Malaysia Flight 370 and other Top Travel Mysteries

The news continues and we have arrived at the first year anniversary of the missing 239 passengers and Flight 370 of Malaysia Airlines that authorities still have yet to find; the most recent travel mystery of the plane that went off of radar less than an hour after its takeoff from Kuala Lumpur.

Travel mysteries always have intrigued me. I’m sure that Flight 370 will not be the last combination of passengers and plane to go missing, families to be broken, loved ones to be lost, dreams to be cut short by the cruel twists of fate.

Flight 370 has already cost $44 Million in search costs making it the most expensive hunt in aviation history.

Those very same mysteries intrigue me to the point to where I’ve dreamed of exploring the lands myself like some of our most famous explorers and figuring them out singlehandedly. Here are a few other travel mysteries that have perplexed the ages and have become one with time.

From the list my favorite one is probably the Bermuda Triangle because of it’s long history of many, many disappearances. If it’s happening repeatedly in that very same area, it is more than likely not just a “chance” event. It doesn’t leave any signs of patterns and continues to take what it wants in broad daylight.

The other one would be the Death Ship. Ghosts, aliens? Nobody found on the ship alive. Could it have been a really sick individual who had went insane over this image of freeing himself from his duty and his physical cell by murdering all of his mates in this very peculiar fashion of eyes wide open and twisted faces. No one will ever now…


4 thoughts on “Malaysia Flight 370 and other Top Travel Mysteries

    1. Just sent you that e-mail! Got a little sidetracked with my TEFL Course. I love travel mysteries! Maybe I should write more about them. I definitely want to bring back Sightseeing Saturday. Maybe I’ll bring it back and work in a travel mystery into the stories.

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