I’ve been silent only because I’ve been quite busy working on more projects and doing more research to advance my goals. I’ve been spending a lot of time this month re-evaluating myself and polishing my self-exploration again just to remind myself of some of the deeper reasons why I am doing what I’m doing.


jQuery CodePlayer Project

BBC Clone

It definitely gets difficult at times and sometimes I feel like the pressure I’m only placing on myself is unwarranted, but know that without it there would only be a life of lack and void (which definitely is not fun at all). Overall, I am still very happy that I’ve made it this far because when I compare where I once was to where I am now, the distance is great. My nobility has increased and continues to do so. I aspire to reach the point where I can no longer recognize who I once was, even when standing in front of the mirror.

There is nothing noble in being superior

Quick Hit Updates:

  • I just received access to my TEFL Online course and I’ve started studying the pre-course grammar e-book that they sent us. It’s going to be a very comprehensive course from looking at the course syllabus.
  • Still working on more projects for my web development interest. I’ve linked a few up above although they are older ones I finished late 2014.
  • I’ve been working on developing a new interface for my blog here that will be running on my domain. This won’t be up for a while but it is definitely in the works. This theme and style have served their purpose and will continue to do so until the change is put into effect.
  • Full time j(ust) o(ver) b(roke) is going well.
  • Writing professionally is still going strong. I’ve been pulling in a lot of articles and additional income that’s been helping me make progress in my financial goals.
  • Brand is still in full development. I’ve been researching incorporation for a while now and have decided to seek professional help via mentor program.

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