What does your mask say about you?

I got finished listening to and attending a free Webinar that featured T. Harv Eker and one of his Master Classes: The Spiritual Laws of Money.

After having just finished reading “The Secrets of the Millionaire Mind,” which I’m glad to have written off and learned so much from as a part of my “read 50 books this year,” challenge, which I’m already 2 down, 48 more to go!

What I enjoyed the most about listening to speakers such as him, and Robert Kiyosaki, of whom I listened to last week on another Webinar, is that they make no apologies for being where they are. Even if it may come off as obnoxious or arrogant to some people, that’s a problem with you and your “money blueprint” as T. Harv would say. You’ve made up the story in your own mind that being incredibly rich or wealthy is bad and that is one of the 8 blocks that is keeping you from being rich yourself!

“Anything that you negate you can never have.”

You’re negating that being rich is a bad thing so you’ll never be rich yourself.

He also gave us a 5-10 minute (I lost track of time with my eyes closed) visualization practice that had us visualize what it’s like to be on a road with a fork in it. He walked us down the right path a few steps and then intensely stirred the feeling of “not enough,” in us. When we felt that feeling, he told us to amplify it and touch where we feel that feeling.

When this was done he walked us back to the fork in the road, turned us around and then walked us down the left side. He painted a rich picture to stir the feelings of abundance and having plenty and being bountiful. When we felt that feeling, he told us to amplify it and touch where we feel that feeling.

Then he explained that both paths (as all things) are spiritually connected to the universe. The path to right makes you feel bad because you’re not aligned with the universe and it’s infinite abundance. The path to the left makes you feel great, and happy because you’re in line with the universe.

I definitely recommend seeking out his books and reading them. Figure out what your money blueprint is, or for the intended purpose of my blog post, what I’m calling your “mask,” figure out what it says about you and when you’re done, take the damn mask off!

The world is waiting for you to give your unique heart-print to it and help and serve as many people as you possibly can! You can only do this though, when you’ve removed all the blocks that’s stopping you from flowing to your natural destination of wealth, riches, and abundance.


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