What You Do Should Enrich You

I’m sitting here in the library on the closest satellite campus to my house of my Alma Mater working away on the newest batch of articles requested of me by my client.

Hoo-rah! She wants me to write about Top Tips for Writers from 4 different Famous Writers/Poets! This is awesome :3 !!

I’m more than two hours into my writing on this first article and I just had this rush of man… I love literature, I love what I do and I love writing. I forget how much I truly do enjoy reading over timeless figures of literature and seeing how much my writing is similar to or different from theirs, learning from them, etc.

Their lives were their writing and although I feel as though a hundred years ago it was so much easier to be in a world devoid of technological advances that allow the current souls of writers to become possessed by anything other than their writing, studying them and researching them makes me yearn for that day when I’ve achieved all that I’ve set my hear out to do so that I can dedicate the remainder of my life to my literary legacy.

This first article has the strictest time constraint, since the client wants to publish it before the author in subject, Virginia Woolf’s, birthday is celebrated by the few literary die-hards on January 25th. It’s only a day before the others are due but I’ve made a commitment to earn $3,000 in my writing this year, and I plan on making one of those huge what-do-you-call-its …

Fundraising Thermometer is what they're called.

Fundraising Thermometer is what they’re called.

… to track this goal throughout the course of the year. I already have the extra poster-board at my house waiting to find noteworthy use.

The large part of my time has been spent researching Virginia and doing my best to accurately portray and communicate the golden nuggets of knowledge she would want contemporary writers to know. This particular task has rekindled my love for the classics and spending the time re-familiarizing myself with them is what I find so enriching about this task.

I pray I do not disappoint her spirit nor any of the remaining three writers who I must perform the same representation for; furthermore, that they will guide my pen as I write these articles and bless my literary career until my dying day.

Enrich Your Soul - 1_20_15 Blog Post GraphicSo I beg to question, what enriches you?




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