First Week of Rescuing My Time

I’m sitting at my work desk, in my cubicle staring down another 10 hour day. Getting here afforded me my first challenge of the day, as my frustration flared. My mother “does not,” drive in the snow or ice and freezing rain has been cascading down in my area since last night around 11PM when I took the trash out and almost fell in my driveway.

I get upset when I know she can take me but chooses not to for her own safety. It’s as if I am not a priority. It makes me feel terrible. I called the cab companies and both went to fast busy signals. One went to a message that plays when they are at maximum wait time. I even called to see if a bus that would get me close and runs early enough comes down in my area but it doesn’t, so the suggestion she made was null & void.

She brought me to work.

Now to the real meat and potatoes of this post. I received my first weekly summary of my time with the Rescue Time application I’ve installed and have been running on all of the four computers that I use (work, home desktop and both of my laptops) and received the following productivity score for the first week:


So out of the 168 hours in a week, only 52h were recorded, a touch under 31% percent. That’s great. I thought I was on the computer much more. The rest of the time may have gone to playing that darn video game I mentioned in a previous post, which I’m not mad, least not all that much. I’ve been working hard and I deserve down-time too :).

I did my research and there isn’t an iPhone app for Rescue Time. Although there is one for Android. I seen two blog posts, one in 2011 and one in 2014 that have stated that an iPhone app is on the way but still there isn’t one yet. Oh well, for now I will use an alternative.

I’m feeling great about my first week. 70% productivity is awesome in my eyes. It’s a tangible number I can hold on to and know that I’ve been hitting goals and getting things done. With this new found metric of time tracking that runs seamlessly in the background, without the need to constantly toggle it on or off, or “start tracking me now,” and “stop tracking me now,” it makes me hyper aware of the fact that I’m “on the clock.”

Paradigm ^ Shift

Paradigm ^ Shift

It’s a paradigm shift for sure and one that is much appreciated. I’ve read books and listened to audio that speak of “no such thing as time management,” we all get the same 24 hours in a day, 168 hours in a week, 8,736 hours in a year of 52 weeks. The only thing that is “real” about “time management” is what you do with your time. The time is going to go one way or the other but what it’s what you’re doing with your time that counts.

So let’s take a gander…

I made new goals and set new ones hours before I received the weekly summary e-mail.

I made new goals and set new ones hours before I received the weekly summary e-mail.

I believe that 6 hours a day on All Productive Time (1/4th of every day) is a great baseline goal. It’s 6 hours. If I can’t dedicate 6 hours in total, to things that I consider being productive, such as addressing and handling business, working on learning and acquiring more skill sets, and software development, then I’m not in the game.

The “Reference Time” is actually Reference & Learning Category. The Categories take a little while to get adjusted. It will auto-populate whatever or application you’re on or using to what category it feels it should be in. For instance, the applications I use for work are categorized as Utilities and that time shows up as Neutral. I haven’t changed it from there yet because I don’t want to track my time or count it as productive here, since I punch a clock for that, but I would like to put it in it’s own separate work category. If there’s a way, I just haven’t found it yet.

I’ve adjusted the software development goal to be more than an hour per day and I’m coming up with more websites that I can use for business so that I can hit that goal more consistently and be more productive for this upcoming year with WorldVentures. This is going to be my biggest WorldVentures year yet.

Sometimes you veer off the course but as long as you're going up, you'll touch the sky.

Sometimes you veer off the course but as long as you’re going up you’ll touch the sky.

From the victories (green checks) I see above and the failures (red x’s) I know adjustments need to be made and my time management needs to be improved so I can rescue more of my time and become the man I’m destined to become.

Sometimes you veer of the course but as long as you’re going up you’ll touch the sky – TOWWIOW


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