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Good Morning!

I’m currently reading a book titled “Secrets of the Millionaire Mind” by T. Harv Eker, which I found on one of the book piles at my job. As I began reading it and going through the first part wherein he lays out his “wealth principles,” one that hinges upon a “declaration.”

He states that “the definition of a declaration is ‘to state an official intention to undertake a particular course of action or adopt a particular status’ ” and is comparing it to an affirmation which is defined as “a positive statement asserting that a goal you wish to achieve is already happening.”

His tiff with the affirmation is that it goes against the inner voice inside our heads because that monster inside of us called doubt, doesn’t believe it’s true or in his words:

The little voice in our head usually responds with “This isn’t true, this is BS.” – T. Harv Eker pg.16

I’m replacing the contender of the affirmation with the resolution, fitting for this time of the New Year.

I resolve vs I Declare

I resolve vs I Declare

My Problems with Resolutions

It’s scientifically proven your brain cannot handle them. The boys over at Buffer App discuss on their blog that the pre-frontal cortex is where your willpower resides in the brain and it requires an enormous amount of willpower, which your brain cannot handle, to create those new years resolutions. When the brain is overloaded it wants to find something to distract itself with that is much more pleasurable, which is why resolutions don’t end up lasting.

People often times make a lot of resolutions for themselves but don’t do anything to follow up with them. The willpower is like a muscle, not an innate ability you’re born with. It must be trained and built up over time. When you say you want to do “insert your overly vague objective here” as buffer puts it:

“that’s the equivalent of a 300 pound barbell you want to lift without any previous training.”

Most people overload themselves with vague tasks (the more vague it is, the easier it is for your brain to get disregard it as a non-issue) but do not define any specific actions at attacking their habits which have put them in those places they no longer want to be in.

Attack your bad habits with small, achievable counter habits. 1 cigarette less, 2-3 minute walk after dinner or before dinner, the stairs rather than the elevator, 1 invite to an opportunity, write for 5 minutes on a new story and do it again tomorrow and the next day until it’s done,

Why I love Declarations

Everything is made up of energy and T. Harv Eker states that when you’re doing your declarations you should speak it out loud to yourself with your fist over your chest, state your declaration, then put two fingers to your temple and repeat “I have a millionaire mind.”

“Therefore, each declaration you make carries its own vibrational frequency.”

Doing this is like speaking to the universe and asking it for what you want. Your body feels the energy it takes to complete the task and that makes it more concrete. This is in large part what the book “The Secret” is all about but of course the author of that work puts it in her own way, as we all do with everything.

As I’ve done this I found the biggest difference from my affirmations before and my declarations now is the feeling of the energy throughout my body.

Another thing I like about the declaration rather than the resolution thought process is the almost instant “I declare war,” mantra that comes to mind. I believe you have to literally be ready to declare war against your old habit that you want to get rid of and now that I think about it, it was only until I got to a deep feeling of acceptance and distress with my struggles with Marijuana before I declared war against it and stopped smoking for good.

It wasn’t until years and years of biting my nails had I become disgusted with the way I was self-inflicting pain on my fingers and hands from chewing them to the bone. I declared war against it and stopped. It’s now been well over 6 months, probably closer to 8/9 of living free from nail biting.

Source: http://www.keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk/p/i-cant-keep-calm-i-declare-war/ You shouldn’t keep calm, you should get angry and declare war on that habit until you’ve killed it dead 100 times 100.

Declare war against 1 old way and break it. The new bad habit I’m declaring war against is my lack of focus and inability to achieve as much as I can because I’m spreading my energy too thin

I found that I lately I’ve been supremely out of focus. I’ve created my visions for all the things I want to do and accomplish last year, so now where do I go from here? When I tell people what I do and when I look at my list of things I have a vision for it’s not overwhelming but it is a mouth full. In all of my readings, from self-help to my extensive self-exploration via understanding of my make up

I need to minimize.

Eww aaaaa! You’re being vague like you just told me not to be, you hypocrite!

Let me finish…

I need to minimize my plethora of goals and objectives and undertakings into three stand-alone items. Before I would try to couple everything under different umbrellas and I too myself was being vague with these umbrellas.

I’m going to select the three most important areas of focus (which create pure joy and happiness) for me for this year and go as hard as I can on reaching the levels of achievement I want to with them.

  1. WorldVentures
    1. Sharing my lifestyle with others
    2. Brand [keeping up with posts on this blog and chronicling my travels]
  2. Artist
    1. Continuing to write creatively and finish old story projects once and for all.
    2. The Neighborhood Internship
      1. Continuing to develop the artistic community of resident artists in The Neighborhood
      2. Developing my own art by working on artistic collaborations within The Neighborhood.
  3. Professional Writer & Web Developer
    1. Writing
      1. I want to acquire at least two more top tier, high quality clients and generate
      2. Earn between $500-1,000 based on my Freelance Writing alone this year.
    2. Web Development
      1. Finish the complete web developer course in Udemy
      2. Finish the 53 challenges at FreeCodeCamp
      3. Earn over $1,000 based on my Freelance Web Development

I’m declaring war on these three things and will stick to them because they and their subsequent underlying tasks give me the most joy and happiness. I will not deviate from them until my goals with them have been accomplished.

I declare war against setting post expectations for myself because I’ve done this a lot in the past and when I don’t meet them, it makes me feel like an underachiever and that I’m letting down the reading base and I end up abandoning posting all together. I don’t want that to happen at all this year so I declare war against that.

I hope my sharing of these fallacies of mine and declarations of mine motivate you to accept your shortcomings and declare war against them.

If this inspired you to go-to war with the “do nothing” part of yourself against 1 key part of your life, recruit more soldiers by sharing below


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