Reflection Pond

As I sit over my cup of coffee on this third morning of the year of 2015, I continue my meditation and reflection over the past year.

Most, people celebrate their new year with parties, festivities, drinking and bang. For me, I’ve quietly acquisced into the new year as silently and humbly as I left the old. I’ve never held the partying as a bigger priority than reflecting. I’m 24 years old and I don’t remember ever going out to celebrate New Years during my HS, college or legal drinking years.

At most my celebration includes a toast and taste of champagne, a 10 second countdown and then I’m back to my solace. I normally take inventory on where I was last year, what I was doing then and what I’m doing now.

At the end of 2013 going into 2014 I was in the thick of my legal situation (DUI) staring into the face of a long year that would be riddled with the challenges and inconveniences of not being able to drive, working at a fast-food chain restaurant after just graduating with my Bachelor’s Degree and IT certificate and swimming in bills that my income just simply couldn’t pay.

My network marketing business was not put on hold but all of my efforts for sharing the message of my company, passing along my vision and building my team had been met with consistent “No’s,” or a “reason which had eventually led to a “no, not at this moment.”

I never get discouraged. I know who I am, and I know that my persistence and will alone will get me to where I want to be in life. The two quotes I have on my determination Vision Bard in my room state: “I believe in myself,” and “Dreams and Determination are a powerful combination.”

On the other hand I’ve been able to take 7 trips I would say were significant enough to be called “trips.” I saw 3 new states, a new beach I’ve never been to, back down to a family friends beach house we usually rent from them for a week, and back and forth from the tri-state area of New York and New Jersey more times than ever before. I think I did a pretty dang good job at getting around for a guy who can’t currently drive haha.

Around the end of march, after six months at the food restaurant I worked at and on the verge of being promoted to being a Kitchen manager, a title I felt is very prestigious and have worked very hard for in all of my places of employment to achieve, I walked away. A family friend who is the primary share holder and family owner, although no longer the CEO, helped me get the position I hold now in the field of IT.

I started here in May and I’m writing to you from my 3×6 rectangular cubicle. I’m not satisfied here and I will not be satisfied in any “traditional” place of employment. I was introduced into the corporate world at a very early age, working with my Mother, and I decided early on that a desk job just isn’t for me.

I honestly believe that most people never do.

I honestly believe that most people never do.

That’s why in 2014 I was able to make good on a promise I told my International TEFL advisor who I met over the phone in October of 2013. I told her that this is something I’ve always dreamed of doing and because my mother has helped me pay through school, I want to be able to pay for my tuition myself and that’s exactly what I did.

I showed myself and my family that I’m not just about talking about my dreams, but the dogmatic pursuit to living them and seeing them to reality. To say the least, they are proud of me.

I’ve been consistently working the old crippling hospital bills, probation cost and the fines and fees for the DUI charges down and down. If I wouldn’t have traveled so much last year, more of them would’ve been gone rather than just the few that I have been able to stamp a big ol’ PAID OFF, next to on my budget sheet.

My knowledge, reach and skills expands. I’ve invested more money this year into Online courses than ever before. I typically am a secretive person (chalk that up to being a Virgo), but today I’m going to share with you a website that many people never even knew existed. It’s a website called, the World’s largest destination for online courses.

There are a lot of free courses on here as well as a lot of ones you have to pay for. Most of them are good and if you’re not satisfied at all you can get your refund no sweat. I’ve never wanted to get a refund on any course that I’ve taken.

Each course I’ve decided to take will be helping me acquire skills that will advance me further and further into the goal destinations of my dreams. Some of the titles I have in “My Course” list pertain to becoming a Super Learner, learning how to re-learn and speed read up to 1,000 WPM with 80% retention, body language courses, entrepreneurial courses such as the power of testimonials, SEO courses, YouTube and graphic design courses, a course about buying and trading stocks, etc.

When I get through all of the ones I’ve designated as top priority I will be well on my way to building upon my active income and getting that passive income rolling. I started freelancing my skills as a writer and took the Professional Writer title upon myself, and seek to expand upon my skill-sets in other areas.

2014 was a great year for me, even when I’m down in the lowest of places I’ve ever been, I somehow always mange to find the sun over the silver lined horizon.


4 thoughts on “Reflection Pond

    1. As always, thanks for leaving your thoughts here! They are always valued and appreciated. It does take a lot and it is an on-going, mutable process; however, I have always stood firmly on the belief that you can not fully reach your potential until you’ve come to understand who you truly are. That’s why I see to it that a lot of my time goes into self-exploration and personal development. As the saying goes “If you want your surroundings to change, you must change first.” Part of the change process, is understanding where you are and where you’re heading.

      1. People who want to “find themselves” are at a different place then people who “know themselves”. Im glad im out of the “find” stage. No time limit on this, some people live and die without ever knowing who they really were or were meant to be..

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