Thank You Tuesday [Fifth installment]

I’m super excited for another week of Thank You Tuesday. It’s funny to see how this has continued to grow organically, not only from my love for those who support me and who I inspire but for those who inspire me. You all inspire me!

There’s so much turmoil and hate tearing the nation [U.S.] in two ‘again’ based on superficial differences that in times when both traditional media and social media are raging with opposing views and the arguments from both sides I seek to do nothing more than keep my head down & pray that God’s will be done – TOWWIOW

For the intended purposes of saving my time and not allowing people to take advantage of this free back-link service I’m giving them, I will no longer post duplicate accounts of the same group or party on Thank You Tuesday. I noticed last week that I have a few accounts for the same person/entity that I’ve been linking to and I no longer want to do that. I’m kind and all, but don’t take my kindness for weakness by trying to follow me with 3 or more of your Twitter accounts. Thank you ūüôā

With that, I proceed into this short edition of Thank You Tuesday.


Ramona Crisstea – Romanian Fashion Designer
Plutonium Paint – Ultra Supreme Professional Grade Aerosol Paint


Shelley Young @dardiandreshaj РAuthor of Dardian Dreshaj books
Miranda Blu @Miranda_Blu РCo-Founder of GoodwillGamer
Brett Evans @sfsBrettEvans РSales Force Search Recruiter
Lobo Solitario @lobosolitario1 РMusician
Medicine Hat Twits @MediHatInfo ¬†–¬†Part of the BHive News Network
Stephanie Kadillac @skadillac221
Red Web¬†Design¬†@Red_Web_Design¬†–¬† UK’s leading low cost web design company
Abundantia Bowers @bekurijomuh
Joshua Gould @Thatjoshuagould РInternational Business Leader
Michael Johnson @figitalboy РWeb Developer
IronMuscle TV @Ironmuscle_tv РThe Best Place to Build Muscle

Special Recognition

Danielle Colon @daniellescolon РSpecial Shout-out to my WorldVentures Team InfyNite teammate!! Ow Ow!!
Nivek @KKLMusic – Another WorldVentures Family Member. Big Ups!


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