Delay in post schedule

Sorry everyone! Yesterday was crap traveling. Missed my bus because I was off when it was supposed to depart by like 25 mins. NY traffic always adds outrageous amounts of time to your trip when you get back in the city and I missed it. I will give the play by play in a future post.

Necessarily, I wanted to send a quick message to reiterate the fact that I do have sickle cell anemia and my body hates the cold. Pretty much the whole weekend, as soon as I got to NY my body started feeling weird, weird is typically the word I use to signify incoming pain. I can just tell when it’s normal body pain and sickle pain and this was sickle pain.

I hoped today that by nursing myself and staying on the medicine clock (taking meds every 4 hours as needed) that I had started and upheld over the weekend that I would feel better by the end of the night and be ready for work tomorrow. I’m not feeling any better now.

When I get this pain out of my body I will catch back up on my regular posting schedule. Thanks in advance for all prayers and well wishes!


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