Sightseeing Saturday: Boston, Premier Exploration

This post is the second in the series of Sightseeing Saturday, Boston, MA.

From York to New York

I arrived on-time from my China Bus trip from York, PA to New York, New York. I hopped off the bus at 60th and 8th in Brooklyn, knowing that my friend Jeremy, who is along the ride with me lives in this part of the city and it would be easier for him to get to me if I got off here rather than in Chinatown in Manhattan.

I looked strange I’m sure from the onlookers perspective as I circled the block a few times, walking back and forth until finally settling on a stop of the close Ocean Salon. One thing I noticed that caught my eye in Chinatown was the arcade! I didn’t know that they had them here as well. It’s almost as if it’s an underground secret.

The entrance was in the basement through the glass double doors wherein you could see about 3 double-sided rows on both sides of the wall each side of the rows having four desktop computers with a comfortable gamer sitting in the light of the monitors glow. It gave me a flash of what life would be like in an Asian country as I’ve heard stories about the online game arcades staying open 24-7 and the serious addiction that stands as the barely mentioned paralleled.

The View from Studio Apartment in Bronx, New York

The View from Studio Apartment in Bronx, New York [10:54 am]

Eventually the waiting had ended and my Jamaican escort in his pearly white chariot had arrived; I was saved from the unforgiving, bitter cold at which time we headed directly to my other friends house who stays in the Bronx. I like to think of him as TOWWIOW’s resident artist, despite TOWWIOW still not having a single piece of work from his studio. 

We all enjoyed the company we afforded one another over glasses of Amsterdam’s Gin and Orange Juice I trafficked with me from York. Eventually we turned it in and knocked out.

From New York to Boston

We arrived in Boston today around 2:30pm. We left from my friends house in the Bronx around 11am since check-in to the Sheraton was slated for 3pm. We only have two nights here so we wanted to make the most of it and get here on time.


We spoke about how we were going to knock-out when we did get to the room, what we both were doing and our near future plans. I had my bouts of monologue since I have a lot going on and even more planned ahead.


Due to the night of drinking before, despite me even taking it lightly, my knees ached for half of the ride in. We stopped only once for a piss break and it allowed me the opportunity to grab water to take some pain medication and subside the discomfort that my sickle cell caused me. When I took the edge off, the rest of the ride become more and more bearable, which is good.


Since my body is so sensitive to the weather, I believe it was also an adjustment to the colder weather and being so close to the water. We made great timing though, and when the road opened from two lane to a three or more lane highway then it was smooth sailing henceforth.

Fenway Park Sign & the S for the Sheraton was in our sights

Fenway Park Sign & the S for the Sheraton was in our sights


Upon checking in we found out what was included, which is access to New England’s largest indoor/outdoor hotel pool and their Fitness Center and what wasn’t included, which was the parking. We’ll eat that $40 overnight parking for today but tomorrow we will be moving the car to the street as soon as possible since it’s free street parking on Sunday’s.

Big thanks to the concierge who checked us in for that knowledge, Tarek. We got a laugh out of me using my new learning ability and comparing his name to the old video game protagonist: Turok. Now I will never forget him.

We got our room cards and made our way up. Naturally, I began snapping pictures of the view from our room, 1841.

View to the right

View to the right

I will have to find out which way our room faces, for now I’m not sure but can update it when I find out.

View to the left

View to the left

I took my super hot and long shower as I said I was going to after working out a little and taking selfies in the mirror which I will not share here.

Jeremy laid down as he also had a headache from the previous night’s drinking. He didn’t realize how smooth of a mix Gin and Orange Juice was and it snuck right up on him. I took it upon myself to get some form of Motrin to help keep myself on my medicine clock for my sickle cell & also race up to the Skywalk before the sunset so I could get dazzling pictures, but it wasn’t open today because of an event. At least I didn’t miss it! That will be for tomorrow.

Exploring Downtown Boston

So eventually I find myself sitting in front of a Surface Pro 3 Christmas shopping for my mom. I didn’t realize how long I was in front of that thing but it must have been a while because eventually Jeremy came and found me. He joined me for a while until I finished and then we went to the Walgreens for the motrin and then back to the room so I could change quickly.

We then explored downtown Boston and figured out a better lay of the land. Unfortunately we didn’t find anything as exciting as we would’ve liked, but at the time it was quite early in the evening. I bet the bars are probably filled or filling now and I wouldn’t mind trying it again.

The best part though was after we rejuvenated in a Dunkin Donuts and got our legs back underneath of us (we had been walking for 2-3 hours) we ran into another reminder of what was going on in the world.

#BlackLivesMatter Candle Light Vigil

#BlackLivesMatter Candle Light Vigil

The featured image of the post is to recognize this New World Consciousness we have going on and to speak more about the historic date of 12-13-14, which we will never see again in our lifetime. History is breaking with every turn of the head. Are you awake and aware to what’s going on?

TOWWIOW, we out!


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