Currently on the road

Back at it.

I suppose rather than write in my journal which I was just doing I’ll transcribe today’s post. The last time I caught the china bus to NY was back in the summer. They were twenty minutes late or more and it was making me very anxious. I know they are reliable because they do this route every day but they aren’t known for being late. It was also my first time taking it so I didn’t know what to expect and all sorts of thoughts were running through my mind.

Today’s a new day and a new hour. I was early and they were too. When I arrive in Chinatown, my friend from PSU should be there or en route to pick me up. That’ll also save me the hassle of the late night trains up and down the city.

Ahh!! Unreliable WordPress app! I just wrote out a bunch of stuff and saved it but apparently it didn’t save. I really dislike that but oh well..

I’m going to leave you with the brand up series updates and see you again tomorrow, time permitting.

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– TOWWIOW has hit 50 posts!
This just goes to show how much it’s still in it’s infancy despite the start date of the blog.


– 200 likes! Thanks to you!


That’s it for now. Very difficult to post from the phone so I will update it when I get the chance too.

TOWWIOW, we out!


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