Thank You Tuesday [Fourth Installment]

This post is dedicated to all of my new followers and a one-catch-all fulfillment of my Pledge.

“There’s nothing more admirable than a humble man with a grateful heart and a mind of service” – TOWWIOW

Thank You Tuesday Qualifications & Rules

  • Make sure you get your name on the Thank You Tuesday post for next week by following my blog here on WordPress and following my Twitter account! I’m pushing for 1,000 Followers on Twitter before I move my focus and promotion to my Facebook Page but you can like us there too @
  • Following on both Twitter & WordPress will earn you a Special Recognition (this rule will change when my Social Media Focus changes to another page).
  • If the website is no longer up where the follow is linked back to then, I will try to put another form of social media up for that person. If I couldn’t find anything else in Social Media then only the name as I know them by will be listed.

Special Recognition

Jo Robinson @jorobinson176 – Writer and fellow WordPress blogger !! Extra Points for following on Twitter & WordPress!!
Manny Rutinel @MannyRutinel & – News.Politics.Health


Hessianwithteeth – – 2 University Students who muse on books and writing, philosophy, history, botany, chain mailing and blacksmithing
Affiloramablog – – Affiliate Marketing Trainer
Steve Rose – – PhD Candidate in Sociology
Create True Bliss – – A blog about gifts
New Soulz – – A Person on a Mission to find him/herself
Morgan Bradham – – An Artist, Author and Designer of Dreams
Steven Farquharson – – The other half of 2Helpful Guys!!
Umeko L. Walker –
Franky Rein – – Blog about German Automotives
CashBackVilla Cashback from Online Shopping


Alex Traynor @sfsAlexTraynor – Sales Professionals Recruiter
SalesForce Search @SalesJobSearch
Matthew Cook @MattCookSales – Founder of
Tooky Kavanagh @TookyMonster – Musician
SalesHub @Sales_hub – An automated sales platform designed to create inbound sales leads
Arema Ongis Nade @OngisArema
Michael Martin @Time4Action7 – Online Entrepreneur
Andrea & Ed @edper3z – Online Entrepreneur
The Greatest Stuff @GreatestStuffOE – dedicated catalog of the greatest stuff ever conceived.
Пьяный СТАЛИН @iosifstalin6
Dugan @duganinja – Stand-up Comic
FashionjewelryDesign @Clearancebrand –  Home-Based Fashion Jewelry Designer
Emre Kiran @EmreKran10
Marshon Thomas @GodsSoldier23 – Associate Producer of the Spike Lee Joint ‘Da Sweet Blood of Jesus’
Arnylane Floreskha @MissCookieCream
Ratna Susanti @ratnassanti
News Documentary @DocumentNews101 – Natural Disasters and firsthand News
Vera Popova @verapopova2222
Joseph & James #MGWV @JosephandJames – Joseph & James Photography (an Australian Photographic Company)
Antonio Elvira @antonio_elvira_ — Architecture & Design; Author of a blog
Dr Jack @UberSurgeon – Neurosurgery Resident
Alina Orlova @AlinaOrlova10
OfficialBigsandful @OfficialBigsand – Professional 2048 Player
MEntertain @MEntertain_PL – Entertainment is our passion.
Zian Abimanyu @Zian_Abimanyu
Ира Полякова @iramasya1
Gabriel Toma @ufoshop
BudiTyas @BudiTyas
Sly Fox @slyfox_xx – Leverages free stuff online
Marcuslorenz @marcuslorenz – Online Entrepreneur
Surekli dizi @dizi_surekli
Gudan 9 @G9kra
Fashion Week @HrtFashionWeek – All Things Fashion Week
Deals4_U @Deals4_U
Philip Rickwood @afhitcom – Social Media Enthusiast, Marketing Strategist and Article Writer.
DipuPanth @DipuPanth
China Startup Guy @ChinaStartupGuy – Lean Startup Hunter & Traveler
Ryan Johnson @ryanjohnsonuk – Travel Writer
Chris Tripputi @ctripputi
Nils Smith @ NilsSmith – Author of Social Media Guide for Ministry
MLM Gods @MLMGods
Ricardo Mendez Noli @dezmen28
Rena Cook @poetrena – Aspiring Actress/Writer/Poet
Murphie Pierce @vyjatizanac
Boogie Underground @alhanda – Handa-McGraw & The Internationals (Band)
Jerry Banfield @BanWork & @jerrybanfield – Digital Marketing Specialist
Jason Majoue @JasonMajoue
Erepete Stafford @wanutodyzune – Internet Evangelist
Donnamarie Baldwin @donnamarieba21c
Debra Willson @DebraWillson2
Teo Dimov @teodimov – Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter
Raghuraj Singh @raghurajsigh00 – Economist, Politician, Wild Life Lover and ex-Journalist
The CSI Group @thecsigroup – NJ Creative Agency
007pandas @007pandas1 – Bucket List Enthusiast
Nicola Gordon @ZoomTravels – Photographer, Writer & Travel Enthusiast
Terah Efraim @terah_efraim – Inspiring Greatness in People & Bloggers

Really, Thank You Sooo Much! I Can Not Say It Enough!!

Really, Thank You Sooo Much! I Can Not Say It Enough!!

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