Sightseeing Saturday: Boston, MA

The theme of Sightseeing Saturday is to highlight a place I’ve always wanted to go in an artistic fictional fashion. The places highlighted in these posts will not have been traveled at the time of the post, but will be linked to the future posts when I’ve stepped foot in these destinations. I will not guarantee that they will come out each Saturday, but I will try my best. The fiction within the post will reflect the mood of my day. I hope you enjoy.

It’s December 13th, Saturday of 2014 and my friend Jeremy Jones (of whom I share the same last name) and I are heading up from New York where I arrived via bus from York, PA. to Boston, Massachusetts for our weekend getaway.

As I had spoken to him via text a few weeks before on the inherited craziness from generations past that is now resurfacing in the forms of cases such as the State of Missouri vs. Darren Wilson &  the State of New York vs. Daniel Pantaleo in which both cases the Grand Juries had ruled not to indict the Police Officers I sought to speak to him about it again in person, figuring that it would help take up some of the time on our drive to Boston.

He had been to Boston before and I wanted to pick his mind at what we would find out there, how much of the city did he know or still remember. We both are guys who like to go with the flow but don’t wait around too long for a decision to be made and my energy on the ride out there was increasing with every road sign we passed.

Mass. Pike - Boston 90 East

I had previously setup a few contacts out in the area before arriving but I didn’t keep in touch with them anymore feeling as though time would be better spent with my friend and in the streets of Boston exploring. We were driving into Boston late Friday night into early Saturday morning so that Saturday we could wake up and start our day right away.

I was very grateful that the weather was showing the High’s to be in the mid 40’s the entire weekend. I was dreading, fearfully so, despite my joking nature with my friend about this, that we would get to Boston and witness a scene like the one below:

Please don't be like this!

Please don’t be like this!

And then it happened. Stupid, darn, unreliable weather men and women. We had arrived safely to Boston and upon sleeping, it was nothing but wet and rainy outside; however, when we had awakened it was snowing. God had struck my fear up and I was beginning to curse myself that I had given it too much energy and brought it into reality.

My friend tried his best to cheer me up and assure me that we would be okay and make it back to New York and I’d make it back to PA but I couldn’t stop myself from thinking that we would get the best of the next snow storm like Buffalo had gotten hit. Boston is right there kissing the Atlantic after all.

Kissing the Atlantic in all it's frozen beauty

Kissing the Atlantic in all it’s frozen beauty

My mind raced and the global source of information which was the internet was not helping me cope as my fingers sped across the touch responsive screen looking up the biggest storms in Boston’s long history.

Biggest DreamTrip Kill Ever

Biggest DreamTrip Kill Ever

We were planning on grabbing Boston CityPASSes and going on a tour through the the New England Aquarium, the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, Museum of Science, Skywalk Observatory at the Prudential Center, and our choice of either the Harvard Museum of Natural History OR Revolutionary Boston at The Old State House.

I heard the Skywalk was the best way to end your day and get double value for the experience of being there and seeing the sunset!

I heard the Skywalk was the best way to end your day and get double value for the experience of being there and seeing the sunset!

I was thinking my friend would be more inclined to go to the Harvard Museum of Natural History, but I was undecided between the two. I’ve never been a fan of politics but I did like the psychology behind it and trying to figure out what made people believe the grand theater of it all. I eventually grew in-responsive and un-amazed at those who still believed it all.

But now with the snow, we would never get to do any of that, and it would be a struggle to even get to a close by bar or pizza shop to taste something authentic to the city. Next time I’ll have to set more positive expectations because I could’ve stayed in Pennsylvania to be coup’d up between four walls all day, drinking mixed drinks, listening to music and actively roaming social media.


BostonUSA – CityPASS idea
GoogleSearch – For the correct titles of the cases in Ferguson, Missouri and New York.
WeatherCenter – For the Boston, Ma forecast next weekend.


14 thoughts on “Sightseeing Saturday: Boston, MA

    1. Hahaha, let’s hope that this isn’t what happens next weekend. All of my Sightseeing Saturday posts are original travel fiction – and then I’ll be connecting it to the post where I actually went out there to see what happens. I’ve searched and searched and I can’t find any other original travel fiction on WordPress than here on TOWWIOW.

      1. Yup! The essence of these posts are to be original travel fiction – This one turned out to be closer to non-fiction in it’s writing because the trip is so near and I have a more vivid display of how it will actually turn out. The snow portion of the post is entirely fictional and the inspiration from that was drawn from my fear of that actually happening next weekend when I go up. I hope this clears this up for you so there’s no misunderstandings down the line! Next weeks post will be the complete, non-fictional account of my trip to Boston.

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