Brand Up Series: Clutch

It’s late and I was just reminded of my post tonight by a friend. She asked me how was my blog going and I was like “Oh snap! I almost forgot to do my post!”

It’s 11:44 pm where I’m at so this one is going to be short and sweet.


  • New Page is in development, which will be titled: philosophy
  • I’m also working on getting my first service out there. I’m already writing professionally as a freelancer so I figured that I might as well make my services available for a small fee here as well so that I can help others who need a reliable writer.
  • I’m still working on my skillsets of coding and web development, as well as social media management, graphic design, etc.
    • There is a lot to learn but I’m also taking an online course that is titled Become a Superlearner. With the newly developed skillset I will be able to learn and obtain a high level of proficiency in any skill within months, rather than years. Please contact me if you would like me to show you where I found this.
  • Still trying to develop my YouTube / Video schedule. In the world of Social Media I haven’t reached out into the listing sites like Reddit and Digg. I’ll have to get into those soon.
  • Along with my YouTube / Video schedule I am still toying with if I want to do Podcasts. Talking is so much more faster than writing and I can divulge a lot more information via a Podcast and via a Video than what I can write; however, writing establishes you as an expert in your field. These are notes, you should take down.
  • I’m looking for suggestions. I’m always looking for suggestions. Please suggest anything you would like to me here via a comment. I may make a page dedicated to suggestions. I want to make TOWWIOW a reflection of what the people want, not so much what I want for TOWWIOW.

It’s 11:50pm now and those are all the ideas I’ve already ripped off. I love being under pressure. It makes me feel alive and I just go, go, go!!

Tonight’s featured image is very important as I hold all of those things very dear. I’m not a brand, but I’m creating one (again, please talk to me if you would like to know why). I hang my hat on my Purpose, and use my Instinct to display my Personality and create TOWWIOW’s Culture.

That allows me to care for you, my readers and followers, set high expectations for you, give you as much of an in-depth experience as possible: highest form of media (video) -> down to the writing, my pictures, etc. Display my passion in all that I do, and commit myself to giving you a great experience (the new theme) and the websites that I’m developing in the background while I’m operating from the blog here.

I am so excited for this next year coming up. It’s going to be my best year yet.

My trip to Boston is next weekend so I may have to eliminate some posts those days but I look forward to the experience.

Boston at Night via NASA's Marshall Space Flight Center Photostream

Boston at Night via NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center Photostream

That's what I call... Clutch

That’s what I call… Clutch


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