Take a Chance Thursday

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Nobody Can Fulfill Your Dreams But You

Nobody Can Fulfill Your Dreams But You

What is it about me that makes me so sure of myself?

I wouldn’t be a valuable resource to you if I didn’t know the answer to that question… if I was another “blogger” out there just trying to find himself in his writing.

The difference between me and most others is that I’ve found myself. I’ve found myself and I continue to find myself in every cliff I jump off. Every fear that I overcome. Every task that I achieve and every goal that I accomplish. Every person whose ever even gave me an inkling that they don’t want me to do something has only got the snowball built inside to roll that much faster downhill.

So it’s your achievements that make you valuable to me? NO!

You're missing the point.

You’re missing the point.

The point is I’ve known what I’ve wanted to do with my life since I was five years old, in broad generalities. See… those things which I decided for myself then, have been my overarching themes and as I’ve grown and matured I’ve chiseled them down into astutely defined “I wants.”

  • I want to make an IMPACT that will NOT be forgotten.
  • I want to become A WORLD RENOWN author who has written and traveled all over the world.
  • I want to learn and speak the languages of completely different worlds and BE ABLE TO MINGLE with the natives OF ANY LAND ON THEIR TERMS.
  • I want to help the generations after me better the world through THE BELIEF OF MELIORISM; the doctrine that the world can become a better place or be made a better by human effort.
  • I want to be the world’s LARGEST PHILANTHROPIST for Sickle Cell Anemia Disease and do all that I can to eradicate the disease.
  • I want to give others the GIFT OF FULFILLMENT by providing them a vehicle to travel the world like I do.

None of those goals would’ve materialized if I didn’t listen to my inner voice – TOWWIOW

Fulfillment – Let’s meditate on this for just a moment.

Fulfillment (n.) – the state or quality of being fulfilled

Fulfill (v.) – to carry out or bring to realization, like a promise or prophecy.

Your inner voice, despite your constant and maybe even permanent suppression of it has always wanted to DO SOMETHING. Your inner voice has constantly whispered your purpose to you throughout your life despite if you’ve acknowledged it or not. For those of you who have, this isn’t for you…

But for those who have not – you really need to spend some time listening to your inner self. This inner voice whispering your purpose and desires or dreams that you’ve forgotten upon waking up but continue to have over and over again, the dreams you can see with your eyes wide open, those are the promises or prophecies. Fulfillment comes when you’ve satisfied those inner voices.

Like landing in the country you’ve wanted to visit since you were a little girl. Or buying that car you said will be yours one day when you were a little boy. Fulfillment is all around us, but we never TAKE THE CHANCE to go and acquire that fulfillment.

Attack those negative thoughts as relentlessly as they attack you, and they'll learn who is in control - once you TAKE Control

Attack those negative thoughts as relentlessly as they attack you, and they’ll learn who is in control – once you TAKE Control

  1. Lock yourself in a room without any distractions, a paper and a working pen. Don’t allow yourself to come out until you’ve answered the question IN WRITING: Why am I here?
    1. Most people look to a higher power outside of themselves to get the answer to this question – but I did this exercise I’m suggesting to you when I was 19 years old, during a summer I was home from freshman year before we moved from the house that I was raised up in. It brought me to tears, but I found the higher power hidden within myself. I will never forget that day.
  2. Find the silver lining in your life. What’s been the one thing that has always been in your life from the earliest years that you can remember? Mine has always been writing. I LOVE to write. I am very passionate about it and everything I’ve written on this blog isn’t even my creative works. Usually that “thing” that’s been in your life is the closest thing to your passion. Or it may be your ruin and destruction and needs to be removed entirely so you can see the good it’s hiding.
  3. Ask your friends and family. The people who have been in your life the most can give you a true analysis of what they think your calling is. Although you may deny it, they more than likely have urged you to pursuit whatever it may be, more than a few times.
  4. Look to the stars. If you’re reading this you’re probably old enough to have heard that we are all made up of the same energy that creates the universe. I’ve studied astrology for 8 years and numerology for the past 2 to 3 years.
    1. Combining the knowledge that I’ve obtained about myself from both of these studies has helped me increase my awareness of myself, understand myself more, it has confirmed things about myself that I couldn’t equate into words about myself for my own benefit. If you don’t believe in it, then that’s your decision and I would actually be surprised you’ve made it this far in the post but if you have looked at it before and think there is some validity to it but don’t know how to take the generalities of these idea and transpose them into the context of your life, I encourage you to reach out to me for help. I do this often and think it’s the most important step. Putting what you learn into the context of your life.


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