Snow Bunny

Work was horrific today. We are all subjected to watch CNN and the Weather Channel. CNN won’t stop proliferating it’s national news which I refuse to discuss here and although the weather channel is more interesting, both TV’s are muted and have been for quite some time.

It’s our consequence for preferring to watch something entertaining like NFL rather than depressing and very controversial such as national news or the weather.

I digress…

It became exciting when at 4:30 I punched out and walked out the doors!

When I got home I didn’t get a bunch of stuff done today and I’m actually struggling to write this post. I invited my friend to Skype me and the majority of my time has been invested in our conversation.

However, I found the inspiration for this post and dedicate it to her.

Snow Bunny – the title of the paper I revised for her tonight from my willingness and burning desire to help her out. The paper was based on a life event that was very memorable and important to her.

Her father had started a lie of a snow white bunny being out in her back yard and she kept looking and looking for it. They went inside, ate lunch and then came back out to look some more at which time her father laid some carrots for the bunny to come back to. Her father had given up hope, feeling bad he had told his little girl this lie and went inside to fix dinner. She stayed determined, and she kept searching and searching and searching, until finally she rushed back in the house, dragged her father without a shirt and shoes on to the back porch and there the bunny was!

The moral of the story is that YOU MUST BELIEVE! If you believe in something although you cannot see it physically with your eyes, cannot smell it with your nose, or touch it with your hands, you can believe in it until all five senses will feel the euphoria of the dream coming together at once.

I have a quote on my dream board that goes “Dreams and Determination are a powerful combination.”

This is the lesson of the snow bunny.


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