Thank You Tuesday

This post is dedicated to all of my new followers and a one-catch-all fulfillment of my Pledge.

“There’s nothing more admirable than a humble man with a grateful heart and a mind of service” – TOWWIOW

Make sure you get your name on the Thank You Tuesday post for next week by following my blog, Twitter account or liking my Facebook page. My Facebook Page needs the most love so please find me there @

If the website is no longer up where the follow is linked back to then, I will try to put another form of social media up for that person. If I couldn’t find anything else in Social Media then only the name as I know them by will be listed.


Retirement Lifestyle / Nomadic Adventurer – – Retired Law Enforcement Worker
Patrick Mitsuing – – Online Entreprenuer
Greg Mercer, MSN – – Founder & President of Golden Rule Care


Delanie Raine – @DelanieRaine
Issa Ouedraogo – @ouedissa76
Tourej Ansari – @tourejansari – Travel Enthusiast w/ SEO experience
Ashley Drury – @bella0257 – Childhood friend & housewife!
Vigdis Cervantes – @vyhafajyniw – I really suspect that this is a bot…
Getting Better – @ThGettingBetter – Self-Help Author of 4 E-Books


Sailing Europe – Google+ Official Google+ Page of Sailing Europe Group
Navigatio Europae – Google+ Employee at Sailing Europe Group

For now, I will stick to these names! The list has been smaller because of holidays and I haven’t been as up and up on the social media this past week. I’ll be getting back into this week and look to push for those top views!

If you want your name on the list for next week make sure to follow TOWWIOW at your favorite channel! Google+ & Facebook need the most help!

Again, thank everyone for following, liking, and sharing my work!! I’m working very hard to update my blog and continue to add value based content for your gain!


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