World Aids Day 2014


It’s Monday, and it’s the first of the month! What better way to continue rolling into the Holiday season than with the joy of giving. This particular joy is the joy of giving awareness to HIV! Join me as I do so in this video:

I found most of my information from the following sources! I encourage you to donate or make a contribution in anyway you can, even if it’s only by making a commemorative post or creative piece!

HIV Aware
World Aids Day

It’s Monday and the future of travel is at it again, offering up three new DreamDeal Specials!

  1. Glitzy and Glamorous Las Vegas to Las Vegas, Nevada for 4 nights from Dec 26 – 30th
  2. Awe-Inspiring Australia to Brisbane, Australia for your choice of 2 nights between January 16th and February 3rd of the upcoming new year!
  3. Under the San Diego Sun to San Diego, California!
    1. My good friend Raymond, who I actually featured on my second Thank You Tuesday post moved out to California at the expense of his company and has been waiting for me to come out and visit and I’m actually off between the 19th and February 3rd so maybe I can squeeze this trip out! That would be so awesome if I could! I’ll do what I can to make it work.

I’ve always wanted to retire in Australia actually, but since I don’t have my passport yet, that is also out of the question!

Quick Hits coming your way!

  • Be on the lookout for new pages!
  • Be on the lookout for upgrades to the existing pages!
  • Be on the lookout for my year in review! I have been traveling a lot this year and I haven’t shared any of my travels with you guys yet (not in depth anyway). So I really look forward to doing that
  • If anybody knows how to get a page to basically be a category of your posts, please comment or e-mail me directly because I have been trying to figure this out now for a couple weeks!

This week, I feel inspired to drop more personal development nuggets on you guys because it’s been a while so I’m going to queue up some great personal development and shoot that out into the blogosphere as well!

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