One Step Closer

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu

Good Morning, Afternoon or Evening!

Wherever you are at in the world, whatever time it may be, I pray the day is lively and merry for you.

Today marks a milestone in my life: I just paid the tuition for my TESOL certificate which I will be taking Online from the International TEFL Academy.

International TEFL Academy

International TEFL Academy

I was casually sitting in a kitchen bar stool on my computer, doing something I cannot even remember at this point when the phone rang from a Chicago, IL number. I picked up the phone and suspicions confirmed, it was my TEFL adviser Ms. Lindsay Krasinski! She was calling to remind me that the Black Friday deal was going to expire at the end of tomorrow.

I thanked her for reminding me because I had spoke to her at the beginning of November and told her that I’ll have the remainder of the tuition money in the next few weeks. She told me to be on the lookout for the lowest tuition price of the year and so I began looking and looking but didn’t see it.


Should I teach in an Asian Country?

I thanked her profusely and asked her if she would be around just in case if I needed her for anything and she said she would be over the course of the next hour. I hurriedly got dressed, dug out the cash I had stuffed in an envelope, which I had buried under books in a box, in my closet, which was buried underneath clothes, shoes, and carry on bags – I was determined to let the money saved for my tuition be out of sight, out of mind.

That’s why I felt it so important for it not to be in my bank account, because I would have easy access to it, and the same reason why I buried it so deep if I wanted to get to it. I had disciplined myself not to touch it, and to only add to it.

Should I teach in a European Country?

Should I teach in a European Country?

I felt victorious as I was finally making good on my word. An entire year ago when I started the conversation with Ms. Krasinski about fulfilling my dream to Teach English and work around the world back in October of 2013, I had told her that it may take me some time because of my situation and the fact that I want to pay for it all on my own, and now it is done.

Should I teach in a Latin American Country?

Should I teach in a Latin American Country?

I’m sooooooooo excited and elated that I am who I say I am. I never give up on myself. I never let anyone steer me away from what I say I’m going to do and what I plan on doing. I scheduled the course to start the beginning of March of 2015 because it’ll be a few days before I get my license restored and will be able to get to the 20 hours classroom time that much easier with my license and wheels back under me.

Or should I teach in the Middle East?

Or should I teach in the Middle East?

Thanks for reading! There will be much more to come on my TESOL journeys and how it all lines up with my brand TOWWIOW, my business of WorldVentures and of course, YOU!

For now I’ll have to bear with my cubicle but soon I’ll be kissing my cubicle goodbye like Annie Chen here


All photos within this post are credited to the International TEFL Academy.


9 thoughts on “One Step Closer

      1. Very exciting! Ive been watching your 100 word challenges and would like to know how i could jump in. You seem to have a couple set characters and a small plot you’re creating week to week. How can i get involved?

      2. Nope, you didn’t send it twice. You just like talking to your newest friend. I’ll join in with the conversation as soon as I can and seek you out if I have any further questions or inhibitions keeping me from jumping in! 😀

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