End of No Shave November

Congratulations for making it through No-Shave November all of you who participated!! I wish there was something cool I could give away but there isn’t. You should feel delighted that you suffered the hardships of being untamed and wildly for a full thirty days. I’m sure the flack you’ve taken from your loved ones was enough of a testament to your fortitude and reserve for seeing it through to the end. I know mine surely was!

Beyond the end of No-Shave November, I want to wish everyone a happy, fortuitous kick off to the holiday season of 2014!!!

The beginning of the Holiday season 2014!! It's time to start celebrating another year!

The beginning of the Holiday season 2014!! It’s time to start celebrating another year!

Okay, I’m a Baltimore Ravens Fan, and in one of our weekly articles we have a thing called Quick Hits. So here is mine!

Quick Hits:

  • Sightseeing Saturday was postponed because of my TESOL Certificate Celebration! It will be returning next week.
  • I’m thinking of doing a Tech Thursday because I absolutely love futurism, gadgetry and technology. I’m still toying with this though only because I want TOWWIOW to stay focused on delivering valuable information to its readers and followers and I still haven’t made out the value that could add to anyone’s live immediately.
    • I did find the futurist manifesto and in short, it’s quite a riveting story.  I haven’t made it down to the part where it lists the qualities one must have to be seen as a futurist though. I’m toying with the idea of adding it to TOWWIOW because again, it’s more of a hobby/interest.
  • The video you see up above is my first YouTube video ever! Stepping out of that comfort zone and it feels good.
  • #BrandUpSeries || Second to last thing… what a big difference, determination and consistency can make. I went from a little over 500 views to pushing 1,000 views in the two weeks I’ve been posting (almost) daily!
    • I want my Best Ever views to get up to 75!
    • Still waiting until my All Time views is officially 1,000 before I announce the next goal
My All Time Highs, I'm looking to get these even higher!

My All Time Highs, I’m looking to get these even higher!

And I leave you all with the following travel news based video, credit to ABC News! Please share this post if you heard it first from TOWWIOW!


I really dislike when people doing interviews, and the media in general, when they cut the interviewee off. I find that so disrespectful. Like come on… you just want him to say what you want to hear. Ughh!!

Can the FAA Solve Travel Woes?

The featured image you see in this post is property of http://www.no-shave.org/ – if they ask me to take it down by any means it will be done and I by no means am claiming the creation of it.


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