Thank You Tuesday [Series:P2]

This post is dedicated to all of my new followers and a one-catch-all fulfillment of my Pledge.

“There’s nothing more admirable than a humble man with a grateful heart and a mind of service” – TOWWIOW

Make sure you get your name on the Thank You Tuesday post for next week by following my blog, Twitter account or liking my Facebook page. My Facebook Page needs the most love so please find me there @

If the website is no longer up where the follow is linked back to then, I will try to put another form of social media up for that person. If I couldn’t find anything else in Social Media then only the name as I know them by will be listed.


Josefine Grimm – Blenk – – An online marketing business owner
Barbara Franken – – New Energy Consciousness Teacher & Explorer
Scottishmomus – – Scottish Mom, letting a little of herself out
David Prosser – – Author from Welsh
Stellingsma2010 – — I seriously couldn’t figure this one out lol
Doru – Photographic Story Teller (best I could get out of it)
Victo Dolore – – Family Physician turned Blogger
Jorobinson176 – – Writer
Amoafowaa – 
Let’s CUT the Crap! – – Single Grandma turned Blogger
Brad’s Desk – – Entrepreneur
Julio – – Spreader of Personal Development
Stephanie – – Online Entrepreneur
James Revels – – Eargasmic Composer


Raymond A. – @TwOpnt0 – Friend from Penn State Univ.
Michael Dugan @Plusthem – asdf
Vladimir Glebov @volglebov – Urban Photographer, Photo Editor and Digital Art Lover
Pierian Dodo @_raphus – from WordPress to Twitter (Hit the Thank You Wall Twice!! I’ll have to do something special for you)
Vallari Andres @kasesogenoh – 100kfollowers Inc
Be Successful @8eSuccessful – Entrepreneur
Luis Caballero @Eluisecaballero – Affiliate Marketer & Blogger
Ngobesing S Romanus @ngobesingSRoman – Journalist author of __
sydevicnv @sydevicnv – Entrepreneur
Brian Allan @itsbrianallen – Traveler, Visionary, Giver of Hope and Dealer of Dreams
Ryan Johnson @ryanjohnsonuk – Renowned Travel Writer based in the UK
James Stevonson @SocialNewsTV – Entrepreneur


6 thoughts on “Thank You Tuesday [Series:P2]

    1. Thank you sir! I watched the unedited intro and I feel like we definitely can relate; apart from the steelers !!!! 😜😜😜 I’m Baltimore Breed through and through!!! GOOOOOOOOOOOO RAAAAVVVEEEEEEENNNNNNSSSSSS

      1. 😁😁😁 yes sir. This year is super crazy with all the competition going on. But my man, if you’re interested in getting more exposure send me an email on my contact form and we can talk. I believe I can help you out.

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