I LOVE WorldVentures.

It’s not every day that you hear anyone say that about the company that they work for. That’s why Direct Sales is totally different and completely changing the way the world does business. It’s common knowledge now and if you’re not privy then you’re probably in the 98% of people who have been raised and taught how to work for the rest of their lives for someone else’ dreams and have only seen your own dreams as just that — unattainable, unrealistic fantasies you will never get to live out.

But I’m not here to preach about that, I’m here to share something with you.

See, in WorldVentures we have this saying called “Thank God It’s Monday,” and the main reason for that is this: DreamDeal Specials.

Every first, second and fourth Monday of every month, DreamDeal Specials are released at the top of your travel experience listing (unfortunately, I’m not able to share the stellar prices with you — that’s grounds for termination and sorry… I’m not losing my membership to get you an sneak peek).

The last Monday of each month is especially outstanding because it’s the Monthly Cruise Deal! The November Cruise deal is “A Baja California Cruise,” departing from Long Beach, California, dashing through the Pacific Coast to visit Catalina Island and Ensenada, Mexico.

The next Deal is a “Getaway to Boston,” which I’m happy to say I’ll be experiencing Boston for the first time in three more weekends! I happily found a friend of mine from Penn State University who wanted to go with me a couple of months back and now we’re on the verge of heading up there!

The last deal is an international deal (if you’re in the USA) to “Discover Turkey,” in Istanbul, Turkey. That’s one of the cities I’ve always wanted to go to and will eventually will spotlight it on my original series “Sightseeing Saturday.” Istanbul is “the only city in the world situated on two continents,” a place where insatiable traveler spirits such as my own long for if it hasn’t been reached and explored.

You can find all the deals I’m talking about HERE at my booking engine; however, if you go in to book one, you will not be seeing them at the deeply discounted, Member’s Price!

Platinum > Gold > Silver

Silver < Gold < Platinum

If you want to ask me any questions personally, just leave a comment, reach out to me on one of my social media pages or e-mail me from my contact page. Trust that I’ll have answers to all your questions. I’m decorated in the highest membership currently available: Platinum. If you’re not interested in the membership or asking questions, NO BIG DEAL! I still love you! Please feel free to use my booking engine to book all your travel needs. If you need immediate help, we have 24/7 Live Chat assistants available to assist you.


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