Know Your Limits

Today, I had to close shop on the daily post.

It will be going up of course, but what I wanted to deliver to my audience, will have to wait for another day, more than likely next week. As I said in my post Friday, I am still trying to figure out the weekly schedule and what I will make a staple and what I will make interchangeable on the week to week basis.

It pains me only because I couldn’t deliver it to you; however, it allows me the ample opportunity to deliver another lesson.

You must know your own limits. I highly encourage working your ass off, but I also highly encourage taking time to meditate, be still, and focus on yourself. I am so highly in-tune with myself, which I attribute mostly to my studies of (you will believe and feel what you wish about these subjects) astrology and numerology that I feel like I’m almost always at optimum energy. Some days I’m not, we all can’t be optimum all the time; although, most days I am and I attribute that to knowing myself so darn well!

For example, I really liked this girl I shouldn’t have. I just couldn’t seem to understand why, and why I had allowed it to take such a grip on me. I was talking to everyone else about it (close friends and family) until I got the bright idea to look in the stars for the answers. Numerology is based off of the time and date of your birth and your birth name. Long story short, I am in a personal year cycle 4 (look it up) and I found that in this year, if I stray away from reality I start to have problems.

So at that moment, not knowing how she felt about me but pouring my heart out to her and basically waiting to hear how she felt back, (took a months time, more like a month and a half) I was emotionally distraught.

When she told me she only saw me as a friend, although painful and it took a few weeks to a month to get my head back on track, it made the healing process so much easier because I had known what was real. I finally knew how she really felt and since we weren’t on the same wavelength it made it that much easier to move on.

Know thyself.

Know your limits. If you try to push beyond your limits, physically or mentally you risk the possibility of ruining a good thing. 4 year is also about restrictions and limitations, which just occurred to me while I was editing the post and making it look all fancy, so I’m abiding by the laws of the universe and calling it a night!!!!

Thank you all for visiting TOWWIOW.

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May God bless you in all that you do either if you recognize his presence or deny him.


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