Brand Up Series: Update

Good evening everyone! {imagines he is on stage talking to one or two people in an audience that has 100-500 empty seats in it}

Empty Seats

This is the latest update for my brand up series. I’m super excited to share a few things with you about what I’ve been working on to get TOWWIOW up and running on all cylinders.

  1. Thank You Tuesday was a great success (despite the fact that it was posted up on Wednesday)
    1. This post stole the show on my stats, bringing in the most clicks on my tracked links and taking the record for most liked post since TOWWIOW’s beginning!! Give it up for Thank You Tuesday and it’s ability to become a staple in my weekly line up on it’s first go!!
  2. I haven’t been killing myself or bending over backwards to get things done.
    1. I think this is very crucial for helping me maintain my daily activity not only for the Blog but also for completing the setup steps I’ve created for myself on all the major social media sites that TOWWIOW has already staked it’s claim on.
  3. I have pushed for and achieved the 25 Likes threshold on Facebook, which you need to get your customized Facebook Link. If you’re big on Facebook, please give TOWWIOW a good ol’ thumbs up and keep up to date with us there.
  4. I’ve come up with a rough draft of a weekly blog posting schedule, which truly only includes the following staples:
    1. Tuesday – Thank You Tuesday
    2. Saturday – Sightseeing Saturday where I create a fictional post of a destination I’ve always wanted to travel to and have yet to do so. The fiction comes in where I imagine what my first experience will be like when I get there.
Applause Please

The End


2 thoughts on “Brand Up Series: Update

    1. I’m honored to hear someone say that. Although in my reality I know that it is nowhere near where I want it to be, in my heart it is very much pumping and alive, and in my minds eye it is already well established.

      Thank you for your kind words! Make sure you stop by again.
      Do you have a Twitter or Facebook page for your blog by any chance?

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