Freelancers, beware for SCAMS!

This literally just happened to me today 11/17/14 so it’s fresh on my mind and kind of has me in a quiet uproar. Like the quiet before the storm. I have to wake up for my last day of work here in a few hours so this will be a short one!

So, if you’ve been following and following me closely you should know by now that I’ve also extended my reach into Freelancing. If not, I’ll bring you up to date. I’ve been freelancing now since the end of July and landed my first job at the beginning of August. The first job I landed was for writing (as I marketed myself and applied for those jobs); however, the contact and the “editor” were worlds different. The contact was personable and understanding, the editor was cold, distance and didn’t care for your personal situation, only receiving the articles (that he was probably turning for much more profit than they were dishing out).

Anyway… two months later here at the end of October, I’ve gone on to make a pretty impressive portfolio of work online at oDesk (you can find and hire me here) so now it is not uncommon for me to get “invitation to interview” in my e-mail. This one particular one was for me to a personal assistant to this little old day who made all her money from real-estate. Long story short…. there was oodles and noodles of red flags in her e-mail that was sent to me. I googled the name on the e-mail but didn’t find any search results.

Today, when I received the “check” in the mail that she wanted me to deposit and wire x amount of dollars and keep x amount of dollars. I was compelled to do further research. Nobody trusts anybody with X amount of dollars (between 1,000 – 2,000 USD) after just one e-mail response, no formal interview, so on and so forth.

I feel terrible for this person and all the scammers in the world who try to get over on honest, hard working people. I also feel bad for freelancers who are (sometimes) so desperate that they jump at the bit for a big paying job that’s so easy. Nothing in life is ever that easy. There were so many red flags hahaha.

I got the same initial e-mail that was found here:

I then got a check and everything a couple weeks later which will be posted up in an update at a later date. I will be reporting the account on oDesk as I reported another bad client who never paid me and also tried to circumvent the policies and procedures on oDesk. I will call the Credit Union the check was supposed to be coming from to let them know someone is out there using their namesake to write bad checks and anything else I can do to try and stop these people.

I do not do this for me, I do this for the potential people out there who will follow through with it and end up in an even worse situation!!!! Don’t let that be you!!!

Please share this if you found it valuable and if you know anyone else who freelances!!!


6 thoughts on “Freelancers, beware for SCAMS!

  1. Sometimes folks gotta use common sense. Often these cheques (or checks!) come from people who overpay or pay before even enquiring a jot about you. Get real people! Not even genuinely wealthy people throw money around like that. But good that you mention it.

    1. Yes, you’re very true. Thank you for engaging! I’m happy to say that this has only been tried on me once and now I know how to guard against it. I haven’t taken the time yet to report the person yet but trust and believe it will be done! All of my other clients have been legit, except for the one guy who didn’t pay me for 19.50 for 18 articles and a total of 6,500+ words of work. Like seriously? The $20 isn’t anything to gripe about but it’s the principal. He appeared to be very personable and in the two-three weeks time we had sent over 100+ emails to each other but at the end of the day, he wasn’t a man of his word. He wanted to pay me outside the agreement on oDesk, which is to pay on oDesk, so I reported him. Have you ever one any freelancing work yourself?

      1. No I haven’t but aren’t there safeguards to collect the cash before you start?

        And 100 emails and 18 articles for $20.00? Is that normal? You’re right it’s the principle.

        PS is this your brand?

      2. TOWWIOW is my brand but what you see here is only it’s blog. I have been quietly, patiently, building this baby behind the scenes in my home office and connecting all of the dots before I do any type of “launch” you can say. I am a life-learner and will not do anything without 100% commitment to seeing it through. I’m very resourceful so for a project I treat so dearly such as TOWWIOW, I want to equip myself to the teeth with everything, and all the skillsets that I will require to run it in my sleep, wherever I may be in the world (as long as internet access is available of course).

        oDesk doesn’t have any safeguard with “fixed price” jobs, only hourly jobs. You can request to be paid up front but that doesn’t mean it will happen with fixed price jobs. 100 e-mails and 18 articles is not normal, no. The client was terrible and took advantage of me being so new in the field, flaunting his 8+ years of experience, blah blah blah, and talking bad about the last client who paid more but the editor wasn’t personable, didn’t care about your life and the other things you had going on. He only cared about getting the article on time, didn’t want to take the time out to teach, and the contact who actually hired me, frequently told me all the things he would say about me. So I had to part ways. I’m happy for it though because if I wouldn’t have gone through that I wouldn’t have landed clients such as who I’ve been ghost writing for their Marketing Department now for two months (which reminds me I have to finish up their new batch of articles) haha. With serious clients and not start-up companies who are trying to get over on you, you get long term business relationships and better pay as long as the quality of your work is top notch. I pride myself on the quality of my work. That’s why EssayMama and I have been in good standing and they just recently increased pay and told me they’ll be looking to increase pay again come 2015. This batch I’m doing for them now will be 3 articles between 900-1000 words each and will be around $51 USD at a pay-rate of $1.7 per 100 words. That’s more of a standard, or at least the standard that I’ve been use to since marketing myself as a Professional Writer.

        Wow… I can talk. Haha.

      3. TOWWIOW | Traveling Our World While Increasing Our Wealth |
        A catchy abbreviation to the long title of the blog. TOWWIOW is now the brand name. “Traveling Our World While Increasing Our Wealth” is the long title. is the URL (for now; although I already own Each element has its purpose and plays its part in the plan. Thank you for the compliment. It will be even better when I take it from WordPress Hosting to my own host and can customize it even more!!

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