Failing to Plan is Self-Destructive; Don’t implode!

Greetings again from TOWWIOW. I’ve been on a kick lately and it’s about that time to start giving you all what you truly deserve, more of me. I’ve resolved to do that because you are worth it. You just never know who you can be helping out there and if I’m not pouring myself into you then who knows who is! Many people I’m sure but I can only hold myself accountable and that’s what I’m doing.

Today’s post is all about planning. Since my last hiatus I’ve been scheming and plotting and stressing mostly about how I can get this bad boy off the ground; how I can turn this thing into a big corporation that’ll be much more fulfilling than just a blog. And well… when I went into that mode, I disappeared. I have come up with some great ideas and plans in between that time that WILL be implemented, but now only because I have a plan.

See before, over these past months I had kept everything up in the cloud of my head. I didn’t really realize that I had so much ideas up here *taps temple* but nothing down here *taps pen to paper* until my weekly Skype meeting with my mentor, who you can check out here. This effectively paralyzed me by over analysis. And I laugh at how ridiculous I probably looked in front of him talking about the imaginary cloud in my head where all my ideas were stored.

In the words of one of America’s Greats, Ben Franklin:

“If you fail to plan,

you are planning

to fail!”

Seriously! Stop reading this and disconnect! But wait, read the following 6 actionable steps to help you “prioritize,” more commonly known as “plan.”

  1. Categorize everything it is that you’re doing or want to do with your life… (list them) and list all the tasks you have to do, like pay bills, and every day life things. (Yes we all have dreams we want to achieve, but we also can’t forget about things we must do to survive our here and now)
  2. Identify,with two things in mind, what is urgent, meaning what needs to be done NOW, and what is important, meaning what needs to be done in the near future.
  3. Assess the value of your list…(we fool ourselves by thinking things are important or urgent, when they aren’t either)
  4. Order tasks by estimated effort…(how long will this take me to accomplish?) Do the small things first because it will give you a sense of satisfaction and build up momentum for tackling your larger projects.
  5. Be flexible and adaptable… (don’t beat yourself up when life throws you lemons and you don’t know where the press is at to make lemonade; figure it out. Don’t be too rigid or stubborn that you can’t make revisions to your plans or take someone else’s advice or suggestions. Don’t be afraid to ask for help!)
  6. Know when to cut… (or better yet, know when to sacrifice. If you’re not making sacrifices in your life, you can kiss those dreams good-bye. I’ve given up so much like video games, girlfriends, bad-habits and addictions to be who I am now. If you aren’t willing to sacrifice things or cut out tasks that are not urgent or important, then whatever it is you want out of life: you’re “why,” isn’t big enough or compelling enough to push you to your success day in and day out. Get a bigger why!)

This is a part of my Brand-Up Series because planning will be a prerequisite to the success of building my Brand, TOWWIOW!


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