Ease engenders Evil

I woke up this morning, thank God, and started on my routine. When I got to the part where I sit down and read the good books, I effectively read one paragraph and felt fulfilled. The quote that stood out the most to me is as follows:

Ease engenders evil, which brings decay and ruin.

It resonated on such a deep level that I needed not read any further than those words and was so moved by them that I felt compelled to share my insights with the world.

See… it is so easy to say “tomorrow,” it is so easy to get up and walk away from your mother or father when your head is buried so far into the phone it might as well be a part of you (guilty), it’s so easy to say “I forgot,” when you were consciously aware and making the decision to forego something that was requested of you by someone else.

It’s so easy to press down on that gas pedal to speed past the person who cut you off on the high way and for some of us, just as easy to flip them the bird too. It’s so easy to call up your “friend” and get that bag of weed, or go out to the bar and get that glass of scotch or margarita. It’s so easy to yell at or beat your children for them not following “what I say,” or to your significant other because you can’t talk through the situation with them and work it out.

It’s so easy to say I didn’t know where the helping up mission is, or where they accept food donations to go and donate. It’s so easy to say you don’t have the time to pack up those items you’re going to throw to instead donate them to the salvation army or donate those old, unused board games or  college text books to the Boys & Girls club.

It’s so easy to walk or drive past the homeless and clutch the lose change, dollars, or money clip as though they were going to rip it from your hands; however, as the quote says… “ease engenders evil, which brings decay and ruin.”

I urge you to watch the following video and think about how easy your life is IN COMPARISON to the men, women and children who live on the streets with no home to go to, the orphans of the world who are passe from house to house, the people that live in war torn countries, the refugees, and the misconceptions you tell yourself about how your life is so hard.

Now look at this man, who is earnestly trying to do better for himself, and how his spirit is broken because of the reality of his situation fills him with nothing but humility. In the video you’ll see how easy it is for so many people to walk right past him as if he is invisible or as if he isn’t a human being. You may be one of them, and at one point, I’m sure you were. I know I’m guilty of it. But the fact of the matter is, everyone should have a home. Pull yourself out of your own world and pre-occupy yourself with a cause that’s greater than you. That’s living life. That’s fulfilling.


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