Learn How to Help Yourself

I’m feeling quite extraordinarily upbeat and happy today. I’ve been taking care of my mother as she is having a particularly terrible time with her stiff back today, but for the most part, doing a lot of work on my planning. Teaching myself a lot of different things, undergoing more transformation the more and more I learn.

It’s exhilarating, really. I’ve woke up today, read the good books and then read a chapter of one of my self improvement books then got to work. I read an article yesterday about time management that mentioned to take breaks more frequently which I have been doing (and probably will do so at the end of this post) and I’ve caught myself, catching my thoughts more frequently. “I don’t know how I’m going to do this…” quickly shunned and followed by “I’m going to figure this out.”

“This course isn’t as helpful as I thought it would be,” quickly shunned and followed by “The nuggets are there… I just have to find them!” This leads me to the title: learn how to help yourself. Build your own positive affirmations. You know yourself best. We speak to ourselves all the time, but are you telling yourself the things that you need to hear, or that you’ve internalized from external forces?

Build your own affirmations, in your own words and learn how to help yourself.


5 thoughts on “Learn How to Help Yourself

    1. I most certainly agree! I found it on flickr! A great resource for finding photos to use that have a creative common license on them! Thanks for stopping by and if you really like it… share the post to your social media networks!

  1. Affirmations are powerful and when you learn how to use them they can change your life. You are what you think, right or wrong. Make your thoughts serve you in all that you do. Thanks Dominic for a great reminder on this simple principle.

    1. Youre very welcome “someone”. Doesnt show anything other than that so i apologize for not being able to address you properly. Im glad i could serve to remind you of this timeless, universal principality. Thanks for stopping by & please share to your friends and family on social media !!

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