Count Down to Essex Culinary Resort & Spa

DreamTrip #1 October, 2014

The Essex, Vermont Culinary Resort & Spa

Look at this beautiful complex. I can’t wait until I’m laid back, enjoying all of their amenities with my friend Sasha. The deal we got on this AAA Four Diamond Resort was incredible and only made possible because of my membership with the World’s Leading Travel Club! We haven’t even taken the trip yet and I’m already shouting out thank you WorldVentures!

I’ve been incredibly busy working on a bunch of different things on the back end here for my brand. I want everything to be on the same page and moving forward at the same time, which takes a lot of coordination. So far I have all of the social pages created, but all of them aren’t setup entirely. I still need cover art for my YouTube page. I need to start creating a schedule for my YouTube schedule and video content. I’ve been working on getting my Web Hosting setup, along with my official brand e-mail addresses.

I am big on food and really enjoy the entire experience of cooking. I’m so stoked to get the complimentary cooking class that’ll be hands on lessons from the farm to the kitchen! Having a background in the food industry with my very first job as a dishwasher in a restaurant, to bus-boy, to food-runner and expo, to cooking for my own survival as a college student then to working grill stations and prepping food in Chipotle, my experiences with the food industry have never once turned me away from my love of working in the kitchen. I am looking forward towards everything they’re going to teach me in the class and what I retain to bring back home with me.

Watch out Burlington, Vermont! Sasha and I are on our way!


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