Focus, Focus, Focus!!!


Man, what a blast it’s been these past couple of weeks. I haven’t done anything spectacular or out of the normal, I’ve just been accomplishing a lot more thanks to my increased level of focus. It really got to me at one point; it being the extreme diffusion of my energies in so many different directions. I was accomplishing far less than what I feel like I’ve been able to accomplish since my focus has been turned on.

I do not know who is reading this, or what level of spirituality you may hold; however, for me, it took prayer. I just had to let it go and pray on it. It was really that bad… I would have so much running through my mind at once about so many different things that I couldn’t wholeheartedly start and finish a project from beginning to end with confidence that it was done to the best of my ability.

F - Follow O - one C - course U - until S - successful

This is a definite must!

Not anymore! I’ve been able to focus astutely on one maybe two or three things, rather than five to ten different things. This has spiked my performance up greatly and I’m very pleased at my production at the beginning of the week.

Look, you guys get a new post from me, I’ve finished the first draft of a project I’ve been assigned for an internship I just started AND I wrote my first sports article today after being given the chance to write and grow my skill set with the publishers just this past Saturday night.

I’m so pumped to see what the future holds for me with this new level of focus and I hope that you feel the same way. The editor liked my first “official,” article enough to push me two assignments due tomorrow before noon EST. He wasn’t so thrilled by my writing samples (which were the first time I had ever written about sports, ever) but gave me a chance after a third do or die sample, and now I’ve written myself into two more assignments.

Find your focus. Do whatever works best for you to stay and remained focus, and feed off that energy. Don’t look back because the new, focused you, is so much better.


2 thoughts on “Focus, Focus, Focus!!!

    1. (A whole month later)

      Yes, John. This is the way of the world. It’s so simple it’s stupid, that’s why most people just don’t get it. They over think it, and do nothing about it.

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