Warning, Beware of Deception!

Just Beware

Just Beware


                If only there was a sign hanging around the neck of all multi-level marketing mentors when they recruit a new representative. Deception is everywhere, but in the invisible profit system of network marketing it is evident in your relations with friends and family (i.e. prospects). You’ll reach out to them, and set up a date, and they won’t show or cancel on you. You’ll send your invites to your presentation either in-house or being hosted at a restaurant/hotel, and they will respond saying that they will be there, possibly even with a friend, but never show. If newly recruited reps were made aware of this first and foremost, the world would have a lot more successful network marketers in it. You have been warned, therefore when it happens, you won’t be inclined to close your business down (i.e quit).

Thankfully for me, this was brought to my attention via an audio training given by Matt Morris, The Unemployed Millionaire, in my startup kit for WorldVentures.  Since I knew from the beginning I would be facing deception, I was already prepared for it when it came. Continuing to follow my mentors in their steps of personal development, I’ve come across a connection that relates directly to and is the only way to combat this death-sentence of deception: Integrity.

Chris Widener, has a track on one of his audio CD’s speaking on Integrity and explaining what it means. In short, integrity is doing what you say you will do. Alas, I have failed you all thus far in making good on my promise of catching up with my posts. This is a definite step in the right direction; however, the promise is not yet fulfilled.

The wisdom being transferred to you right now stands as this: be aware that MLM is a people-based business, and that people are fallible creatures, including you and me; therefore, you shouldn’t get discouraged, or think that this business model “doesn’t work,” when you run into your first case of deception (i.e. being told I’ll host a party for you, or yeah I will come check out your presentation, and then it doesn’t happen) or your one thousandth instance of deception. Make sure that you continue to act with integrity, doing as you say you will do, and let your influence flow from your actions.

Posts to come:

  • Niagara Falls
  • First Video Post
  • Exposing Passion, what many lack in their understanding of the word

One thought on “Warning, Beware of Deception!

  1. As always, thank you Mr. Lai for always reading and liking my posts. I really appreciate your continued stay here. I’m telling you I have big plans for this blog! Including video posts, photos of all of my travels! I’m just so bogged down with everything I want to do I have to pick one thing and finish it, then go onto the next haha. Again, thank you thank you thank you. You are GREATLY APPRECIATED!

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