Where have you been!?

No, seriously…where have you been at?

I’ve missed you guys and I would like to think you’ve been missing my weekly posts too!! ^.^

This is (technically) my third week requiring a post. The past two weeks I have missed you because my travels to Niagara Falls and my visit to my friend in the Bronx. Both were enjoyable New York trips in their own fashion. I’ve been sitting here thinking and thinking, what’s the best way to go about posting for my trip to Niagara Falls? I have so many photos I want to share with you all, but I know it is just unreasonable to think all of them can be shared. I was originally thinking, just make a new page, it should be easy to throw up all those pictures on a newly made page; however, it is not. It would require the same work as putting them individually in a post, which is what I want to avoid. So! I’ve decided to go ahead and make a post, with the most memorable and exciting pictures in it and see what happens.

From 42and Pointless

I like to ask questions in a provocative manner.

In regards to the positive message for the day, I think I’ll leave you with this words of wisdom, which I too am currently in need of hearing myself. These thoughts, if you can’t already tell have no filter and haven’t been revised so bear with their raw nature.

Never quit. That’s it. Quitting is never worth throwing away everything you’ve invested into whatever it is you’ve already started. Especially if it is something you’ve designated as a major part of your future. Never give up on it.

The next thing to accompany that most sagacious message above is this next one: remember why you started! If you haven’t taken the necessary steps to follow through on the reason as to why you started it originally! Do not, and I repeat do not bother yourself with it until you actually get to do what you originally intended to do with whatever it is you started.

For instance, I have several, incomplete stories that are sitting in my queue to be finished and revised and edited then solicited for publication. I have yet to finish these stories, why? Mostly because I have changed my vision on to the end (getting them published) and have sucked myself dry of the pleasure I and enjoyment I had actually crafting the story and bringing the world to life.

Another example: in my business, I have focused too much effort on the business part, and not the actual use of the product! This is ridiculous, just as much as the previous example. I’m passionate about both examples stated here, but I have allowed the love to leave the equation by changing the focus to secondary, or rather, consequential things.

Publication will come as a result of having and finding the utmost pleasure in finishing my project. Generating business will come as a result of utilizing the product more. Simple messages, but messages which have outlasted the importance of others: never quit, and remember your why!

If you don’t have a why, please take the time, either now or before you start working on something important in your life, to think about why you are doing what you’re doing and keep that in the forefront of your mind as you knock it out the park! Have a great weekend everyone! I will be posting again here shortly before I hit the next week! 😀


One thought on “Where have you been!?

  1. Thank you zma752 and M.FUNK || PHOTOGRAPHY for liking my post! Per my I Pledge page, I have followed you M.FUNK and will shortly be sending a message to you per your contact page on your site. ZMA752, if you had a blog I would follow it too but you don’t! Start writing!!!

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