Just face it! You’re a Nerd!


This post is written to help you accept where you are at in life, because we all are somewhere.

Haha! I got this idea for my weekly post Thursday when I was in the Associate Lounge of my IT building washing my happily emptied coffee cup. It dawned on me that I have to face it… I’m working in the Information Technology Industry – I’m a NERD. The thought seemed to invade my psyche after having realized a few individual antics by the new co-workers I’ve run into the most. I cannot help myself but people people aware — which you should be as well. Most people usually think of this as being aware of your surroundings. Don’t pay attention to the surroundings – pay attention to the PEOPLE in your surroundings! Nevertheless, I’ve ran into a few different people, some who appear to have a bit more fashion sense than others, and some who seem to have the least of it! However, they all have something oddly in common about them; except for maybe one or two who I have met so far.

What do you think the common denominator is!?

Come on… think harder!!

You got it!

A touch of social awkwardness!  Just a touch!

It’s so true! I can easily mingle and strike up conversation with most people but some people have the hardest time doing this. Intuition is a very powerful tool and you should utilize it when trying to determine if you should speak up or not. Sometimes people mix this up with the feeling of fear, where they have an inhibition of saying “Hi,” as though they will die if they do so. Always remember: FEAR INHIBITS YOUR ABILITY TO ACT; WHEN YOU DON’T ACT, NOTHING IS GAINED.

So okay… I’m a Nerd; what does this have to do with you?

You are who you are, and you are interested and passionate about what you are interested and passionate about. You HAVE to accept this, as well as all the good and bad that comes along with accepting and embedding those connections into your life.

Everything has a stereotype or can have a discriminatory remark made about it; everything can be believed by a few and disbelieved by many. The difference between the one who gets that promotion and the other who is stuck at the bottom is that they’ve accepted their position in life. They know what is to come with that association and what they should be prepared to face when publicizing this.


This isn’t getting me anywhere….

….well that’s because you’re a Network Marketer and not a Nerd….yet you still are a bit socially awkward.

You haven’t accepted the fact that YOU understand the importance of a Mentor who can coach you, direct you and guide you in the right direction. Use them, they genuinely want the best for YOU!
You haven’t accepted the fact that YOU understand the importance of being in a profit system and how it leads to true wealth rather than the wage system!
You haven’t accepted the fact that YOU understand the importance of detaching your emotions from the referral of your product, so that you can continue to show every new contact you make, until you reach success!
You haven’t accepted the fact that YOU understand the importance of knowing statistics related to your industry and how this gives you facts to inform others who think they know it all about MLM but know nothing !
You haven’t accepted the fact that YOU understand the importance of your relationships and the people in your life and the value that your product can add to them; you’re servicing them which is not an injustice.

You know all of these things so now you just need to accept it. If you’ve been struggling with your business I hope that this will help encourage you to learn more about the industry, about your products, and make the DEFINITE DECISION that you will never give up on your dreams/goals until you reach them.


For those who aren’t Nerds or Network Marketers, my word of advice for you is this: Home is where the heart is; therefore, wherever your heart is at, it’s home.

What I mean by that is that you should ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS! Follow your passion. I have always, ever since I was a young boy asked other people what they are passionate about. I feel like this helps me get a deeper understanding to someone’s inner life. I know I am passionate about writing and traveling the world (which I’m planning 3-4 trips between now and Jan. 31st of 2015! Yay!), so I’ve accepted that and that has made my life synchronize  with my dreams and goals. Most bloggers, most of us, have found their passion, and that’s what they blog about. Others, may not have yet, or may just not have accepted it but if you are just a reader, I hope that you find your passion and align your plans to turn your dreams, into reality.


2 thoughts on “Just face it! You’re a Nerd!

  1. Thanks new readers of my page: Raymond and Eric for liking my post. I have started following you back Raymond as promised on my I Pledge page (go check it out) and there isn’t a way for me to follow your blogs Eric but I would like to hear more about AWOL. I’ve been trying to setup a time and date to speak to it about Jodie Ritchie, another member of AWOL, but we haven’t been able to setup a time as of yet. Thanks for the like and follow.

    If there is anything I can do to help support you guys’ cause, please feel free to e-mail me!


    Thanks Bijit for your return visit ^.^

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