We do not “decide” to lead!

Leadership Ahead!

Leadership, right this way

Greetings from my remote location!

I’ve been working hard on myself, first and foremost. Working towards kicking two terrible habits.

The first being biting my nails, which I just find so deplorable. I am honestly so ashamed that I still have a problem with this as I’ve been doing it ever since childhood! I’ve overcome it, succumbed to it again, then overcame it another time and yet here I am, once more awaiting the new growth of my nails. I have thought about why I do this and the only thing that comes to mind is that I do it when I’m anxious about a situation that I cannot control. For instance, when I was enrolled at Penn State University working towards my English degree I frequently did this while working on assignments. The negative thoughts that crept into the forefront of my consciousness followed the lines of “I’m at the mercy of this person’s opinion,” “I wonder how (s)he will grade my work,” “I don’t think they’ll like my work or understand my argument,” and many, many more things.

Another thing that I’ve been trying to kick is this cursing habit. It is so easy to utilize those thoughtless words to describe your feelings and emotions as opposed to eloquently expressing your emotions to whomever you may speaking to, about whatever topic. I was listening to a particular audio by Chris Widener that touched on this particular habit. He mentioned that within the circle of friends that he has acquired in his ascension up the tax-bracket and social status he noticed that he doesn’t hear any use of these words.

Furthermore, he went on to explain why he particularly thought that this would be…hmm… maybe not a critical element in influencing others to follow you; however, a definite help for you developing yourself as an individual, building your vocabulary.  Edifying others with more thought and emotion provoking words. Not to say that it has to be highly convoluted to do so. It just has to be FELT!

So, where is all the tips on how to be a leader?

I would hope that you were able to infer them from my testimonials. From all of my reading and knowledge seeking it always comes back to this: “A 60,000 dollar person cannot make 600,000 dollars! They must grow into a 600,000 person. That’s where self-development comes into the picture. Make self-development a part of your daily schedule.”

When you’ve increased your value and worth from the inside, it shows outwardly. Your mindset changes and your paradigms shift to bigger and better things, your focus is set on your dreams and goals and a life worth living (not only for yourself) but for others.

That’s when it happen!

Other people take notice. They may not comment on everything you’ve successfully changed about yourself, or even see it at first, but they will feel it.


Leadership is a Gift

When they feel it, they feel inspired to give you the gift of a following. Some will be as loyal as dogs, otherwise will be by your side only for a short while; however, the length of their stay all depends on how much you continue to strive to be the person you see yourself becoming.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Peace. Love. Prosperity.


One thought on “We do not “decide” to lead!

  1. Micheedom, thanks for the like! I just started following your blog! Look forward to getting in touch with yo, getting to know you and then helping you out with anything I can if you’re interested!



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