Customers Wanted!

Hahaha, I cracked up when I thought of this today!

In the middle of the night, near the turn of the day my mentor and I were still at work! I, myself was excited for yet another exposure! Another possibility in all her human form sitting there in my basement, eager to see what I’ve been chattering about to her the past couple of weeks and so darn excited to share with her! The time had finally come. “Let’s move this party downstairs,” I said, directing her to where the space was already set for the most comfortable viewing experience. The large couch directly in front of my flat screen TV, with the addition of my surround system had always been the most optimal choice for me to share my business!  As I turned on the television and the surround system I went over information with her that she had told me prior in our friendship: first thing being that she had 5 children, 4 sons and 1 daughter. The second thing, which I hadn’t known, and until now it didn’t occur to me that I didn’t know was what she did for work! The information was gathered and my partner Dave was dialed up for our customary pre-video call. I introduced them both to each other, edifying both of them as quickly as possible since it was so “late.”

I listened intently to Dave’s story which I have heard what feels like hundreds of times waiting for him to finish warming her up to what she was about to witness, delivering the “after effect,” of watching the video for him, flawlessly. “Thanks, Dave, we’ll give you a call back as soon as it’s finished!” The DVD was already in the Blu-ray player, warming up as I changed functions to the Blu-ray/DVD. From one, very simple task to the next, I pressed play!

The time elapsed in its natural progression, the theme music to the video I’ve watched as many times if not more, than the amount of times I’ve listened to my various partners’ stories, incited motion and joy in me like it does every time. The video ended and I called Dave back, no answer.

“Uh oh,” I’m thinking…almost 100% sure that he wouldn’t have fallen asleep right in the middle of another exposure! I tried again and got the same result. While we both waited for his return phone call, I continued to probe questions in Nicole’s direction gathering the same intelligence that Dave would’ve if I wouldn’t have done it first myself. I answered his call, gave him the information and let him run with it from there.

Customers Wanted! Apply Within! No Experience Needed! Full Training Given! Must Have Own Money!

Customers Wanted! Apply Within! No Experience Needed! Full Training Given! Must Have Own Money!

Elation ran through my bones. Not only because of how simple this process is, which I’ve always felt so terribly childish for missing my consistency goals, but primarily because Nicole was the first person who stated she was interested in the saving money portion of the video rather than the making money portion of the video! Instantly my memory recall kicked in to the books I’ve read about how important developing a customer base is! Of course, Dave being a great partner as he is, went on to mention the benefits of enrolling in the making money part of the club, despite whether or not if you used it right away, not at all, or in the near/distant future!

Her mind was blown! She had been seeing our #YSBH signs on her Facebook account but was equally astounded that this nice, attractive young guy (myself of course!) would reveal the meaning behind the sign! She understood everything she saw in the video and didn’t have any questions or need any further explanation on something she didn’t get. As I shut down the electronics, and motioned for us to go back upstairs where we were before my intervention she clarified that the handout I gave her that accompanied the video was hers for keeps. I assured her that it is!

Customers, customers, customers. She would never have to refer anyone to me, ever, but I would be happy servicing her and teaching her the ins and outs of our products to make sure that she is the happiest customer throughout the entire company! Through my quality and willingness to service her, I know I would naturally receive referrals, but my focus is no longer on what is gained but what is given out! Giving excellent service comes before receiving excellent pay! The more you give, the more you shall receive!


One thought on “Customers Wanted!

  1. Thank you for liking my post! Your blog has been followed aradhanaanand! Thank you Mr. Lai for being a consistent reader! I really appreciate that! If you would like to exchange contact information, I would be very grateful! I have my next post idea in my head already and it is exactly what I want to talk to you about, if you’re interested in helping me out, now or after you see what my perceived dilemma is Mr. Lai!



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