Something’s Working!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while, because I’ve been keeping my head down in my books so that I can graduate and then give the rest of my life to the pursuit of my business! At the end of every day I get an e-mail from my website that tells me how many people have landed on my page, even if they didn’t watch it all the way through, or if they didn’t feel the impulse to take control over their own lives and get in contact with me! Last night I got this e-mail below with the highest amount of hits I’ve had in a day which is make me super excited!

Hi Dominic,

As you know, at the end of each day we send you a quick report that summarizes your business activity during the past 24 hours.

  • Number of visitors to your Capture Page or Site: 62
  • Number of new contacts in your Contact Manager: 0

Keep up the great work!

Your DreamTeamBuilder Support Team

Wow, 62 hits in a 24 hour period!? That’s awesome. I love that it’s been generating buzz and people have been exposed to the opportunity even if they don’t see the value in the opportunity that they are being offered. I certainly have the vision, but most others do not and you can’t make anyone have the same visionary gifts as you, they have to believe with their heart first just like I did before they can believe with their mind in knowing that the profit system of direct sales marketing is better than working as a grunt in the wage system the remainder of your life.

My company is in the Direct Sales Association Top 100 Companies, so I’m not here advertising a company that is not worthy of your trust. You can certainly trust us, and trust me to know that we will work together to change our lives and make our dreams come true!

I’m going back to finish some more work now, but I want to leave you guys with a quote from one of the personal development books that I’ve been devouring in my time away from Traveling Our World While Increasing our Wealth: “Mr. Triumph and Mr. Defeat are intensely obedient. THey snap to attention immediately. All you need to do to signal either foreman is to give the slightest mental beck and call. If the signal is positive, Mr. Triumph will step forward and go to work. Likewise, a negative signal brings Mr. Defeat forward.

To see how these two foremen work for you, try this example. Tell yourself, ‘Today is a lousy day.’ This signals Mr. Defeat into action, and he manufactures some facts to prove you are right. He suggests to you that it’s too hot or it’s too cold, business will be bad today, sales will drop, other people will be on edge, you may get sick, your wife will be in a fussy mood. Mr. Defeat is tremendously efficient. In just a few moments he’s got you sold. It is a bad day. Before you know it, it is a heck of a bad day:

But tell yourself, (‘Today is a great day! I just found an amazing opportunity offered to me by the author of this blog and he seems to be on the right track taking action in his own life by personally developing into the person he wants to be! Maybe he can help me do the same. I think I’m going to take him up on the offer and contact him,’) and Mr. Triumph is signaled forward to act. He tells you, “This is a wonderful day. The weather is refreshing. It’s good to be alive. Today you can catch up on some of your work.” And then it is a good day.”

— this excerpt was taken from “The Magic of Thinking Big” by David J. Schwartz [of course, the parenthesis is my edit!;) ] but nonetheless a great book. I’m only up to chapter two, but I’m up to chapter two or close to finishing more than five to ten books, alongside of finishing up my assignments. I wish all of you well in each of your endeavors! In the meantime, become exposed here.

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