People Are Choosing Greatness over Maintenance Across the World

Good Afternoon World!

This is a great day, because I am a part of something bigger than myself, and I want you to be to!

I’ve already made contact with a few more of my friends in my warm market, but I want to start heating up the water in my cold market as well. I’m hoping I can leave you hear with a few things that will do this today on a shorter note. (I know I’ve been writing more than 1,000 plus words in my previous post so I’m trying to prevent that for so many of you travelers on the go!)

The statistics are in for the beginning of march and it looks like we are in store for a record breaking month! Since March 1st, 2013 up until today March 6th, 2013 WV has been posting record breaking days for membership sign-ups! Day after day after day, we have been breaking records! This just goes to show you that people across the world are choosing greatness over maintenance!

Even while all the reps across the world are out there successfully selling product and successfully recruiting new team members for the biz — there will always be plenty of space for you. This is illustrated best by Mike Azcue in this educational video on the travel industry.

I’ve set myself a goal to help twelve people this month and be a positive influence to help them make the decision like so many others to choose greatness over maintenance. If you work full time or have a job where you are an employee in the wage system, great! Keep that job, but get started working on your fortune with me part-time today

I leave you with my final “call to action,” words of encouragement!
There are too many people in this world to be surrounded by the people who prefer to just survive and do nothing more than that, if you are reading this you are destined for greatness, and fulfill your dreams with those working to fulfill theirs. People are hard, but staying in a relationship that isn’t helping you advance to your goals in life is even harder on your personal development. Analyze your relationships and disassociate with those who persist in remaining in their negativity, and begin to align yourself those positive successful people that you see making a difference in their own lives. Hold your head high while standing alongside of them, working diligently to fulfill your goals, because there will be nothing but dream-stealers we encounter along the way. Lastly, realize that teamwork makes the dream work, let’s get there!

Watch the presentation to get all the information then contact me if you’re interested in the product or the business opportunity!


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