Under Fire

Today I felt like I was under fire.. like almost everyone I went to and spoke with who I personally know was attacking me for just simply trying to help them and become a better person myself. I posted a status that gave a large spiel about how I am committed to my travel club for the rest of my life, and how I am dedicated to help those who wish to help themselves, for it is only YOU and YOU alone who can institute change in your life. I can certainly help you walk the right path, and there are hundreds of thousands of other people who can help you do the same as well but if you do not give the effort and make the changes yourself than you will not get there.

Anyway, on a brighter note… I forgot that in my last post I got away from the topic.. Good begets good and I wanted to write that post specifically to remember the manager at Wendy’s who gave me a refill himself, after asking one of his employees to refill it for me. The employee had his back turned to me, so giving him the benefit of the doubt he did not see me; however, I was wondering if he also did not hear or blatantly ignored the manager. Either way, the manager walked over and I handed him my business card that I received on Wednesday of this past week. It was sitting on the door step when me and my mother returned home from my college town. The manager’s name at Wendy’s was Davon — same name as my brother’s albeit spelled differently (DeVaughn). I just hope that he and all the people that I hand my business card too actually visit my blog and check out my website below. I’ve only handed out 4 so far so I have 4,996 more cold contacts to warm up!

A couple other smaller tasks and goals that I’ve reached is setting up a pinterest account, getting back into my LinkedIn account and adding a lot more contacts there. I was surprised to see that I have 68 already and that was virtually there before I even logged back in to start making professional connections again. I’ve been scouring the training videos and libraries to continue to work on myself as a person. I want to be the best person that I can be so that when I come into contact with others, I will know and be able to lead by example for them.

Today I went to CVS for my mother to get her some Epsom salt, and handed out my card to two of the workers there, so I hope they contact me. When I came home from CVS there was an older man in the street playing catch with his two sons. I parked my mothers car in the drive way before pulling into the garage, walked down and threw the ball around a couple of times, introduced myself to Mr. Daryn (spelling?) and handed him my business card as well. I would love to get the entire community filled with silver BMW’s haha and I wholeheartedly believe that I can do it and that it is possible.

I’m already in debt as it stands (even though I do not have any credit card debt) so I am thinking about getting my first credit card just to help me promote and further my business. There are some very cool things that my primary company offers in terms of tools and resources that can be purchased additionally that will attract attention of cold contacts and bring in prospects for exposure.

Well… it is late and I just wanted to give an update on what happened yesterday with that Good begets Good post and giving out my first business card to Davon, and my actions and efforts today.

Knowledge is power, learn more about what I do http://www.increasingwealthbyworldtraveling.newplana.com/cp/42/082490


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