I Believe: Good Begets Good

Good Morning, Afternoon and Night!
Wherever you are reading from and whatever time it so happens to be in your country, I wish you well in today’s journey through life.

I have been seemingly transparent for the past two weeks or at least that is how my visibility feels to me at the moment. It has been quite the past couple of weeks; however, there is no time for me to dwell in the past. There is nothing but time, space and opportunity for me to continue to live in the now and move forward towards my bright future! [Please remember that my future isn’t bright, unless it means making yours bright as well!!!]

Good begets Good; the title and focus of this post. My past few weeks have made me take a very deep look at myself. My mothers unveiling of her many personal development books acquired during her journey through her undergraduate years have also made this inward reflection more intimate than ever before. I still have a separate blog where I tend to release more of my creative writing and creative ideas for future projects. There is one project that is somewhere on one of my USB drives, which has yet to make it’s way to the creative blog, that I titled the “Reflecting Pond.” In this pond, which I envision is surrounded by a line of marvelous black marble stones — each perfectly spherical in dimension, I stare and reflect with the deepest levels of thought that I have so far been able to reach, on my own life experiences.

–> The keyboard falls silent as the typing stops. I am suddenly stricken with this burning intuitive desire to find my copy of the Holy Qur’an, blindly flip it open and incorporate the very first verse from it that I see into this post. I go to the banker’s box where I remember packing away my hard cover copy of the book, and then begin to tear the house apart after not being able to find it. After thirty minutes of scouring the household I check my banking account online, remembering that I just recently bought the kindle edition of the Holy Qur’an. I then proceed to take the next thirty minutes of my life troubleshooting my basic touch kindle since the purchased book was not there. In my rampage through the house I find another book that is filled with the knowledge of Islam and flip it open blindly to a page which was ending a chapter and acquire another blog idea (which will be discussed below). I then realize without the physical copy of the Holy Qur’an in my hands I cannot blindly skip to any part of the book, so navigating through the table of context in my kindle edition I stop at section 14 that is titled: What Success meant for the Muslims in chapter three, a chapter I have already read in full. I begin reading the section for what Allah has to show me and I find it. <–

Note* For the sake of your valuable time I am only incorporating the highlighted sentences from this section of verses.

v. 134: “… And Allah loves the doers of good (to others).
134a (note on this verse) “Restraining of anger, pardoning, and doing good to each other, besides being great moral qualities, strengthen the bond of union which is so necessary for success. The verse has on many occasions inspired the noblest thoughts of toleration and charitableness.”

Wow… I just have to stop and smile for a minute as it all just so easily falls in place before my eyes. Let me fill you in. Yesterday, my mother gave me another book to read. This one is written by Jim Rohn and Chris Widener titled “Twelve Pillars,” a fictional novel which depicts the story of a man who is coming to know these twelve pillars that gave someone else a 14,000 square foot home, other material possessions, but most importantly familial wealth. Not just know as in becoming aware of the content of the pillar and which each pillar represents, but really knowing it! So, so far in the two chapters that I have read they (the authors) use the faculties of fiction writing to show the main character actually performing small tasks and taking action to construct change in his life.

*Spoiler Alert*
The second chapter is titled: Live a Life of Health and the second pillar is the concept of “three-dimensional health.” This means the body, the soul and the spirit. Soul is to be taken and understood as “our intellect, and our emotions, also our will; and then we have our spirit. That is the part of us that transcends this world. It is the part of us that is designed to be eternal.”

“…it is like a three-layered onion. You peel each layer back until you get to the core. The spiritual is at the core, and it is the most important.Then the second layer is the soul, and the outer layer is the physical–the body. Each part rests on the one below it, and it is only as strong as the layer below. Make sense?”
*Spoiler Alert*

Yes, it does. For me, tonight … that is all because the words above are far deeper than what they seem to be at the surface. Without giving you too much of my life story (just stating that I’ve been having hardship these past two weeks) I believe I was able to connect the dots well enough for you to see how these are all working together for myself. So, carrying on with business, I will leave you with a few new additions that will become a constant in my posts from here on out.

Follow the link, fill out the form and prepare yourself for your life changing relationship with yours truly!

—- Below is a list of collected blog ideas, which will become my next posts on this blog. They are listed in the order which they came to mind, not in the order they will make it to the blog. —-
1. I am in the business of changing lives (changing lives, one vacation at a time)
2. Monday Night call-ins
3. A personal quote of mine adopted by many of my friends and family who have heard me state this: “There are too many people in this world, (for etc. etc. etc.) …” I call this my mantra. I started saying this after all of my failed personal relationships with people, particularly women who I was interested in as a dating partner.
4. Educational Videos about the travel industry … I feel as though all of my readers must see this just so that they can get an understanding of the size and scope of this industry in comparison to the next leading industries. Anybody like gumballs?
5. Personal Development Research — my commitment to myself and my commitment to the generations of my family to come — being a student in the game (this game of changing and touching lives, making an impact on other people)
6. Personal Development: Becoming a Leader (and Obtaining Results) “Call me everyday,” — making myself available.
7. Social Media on Fire: not just FB and Twitterverse. 7 Social Media Sites = 7 avenues to success.
8. Time Leverage Secret (Time Leverage Equation/Formula and the power of MLM [being the human network])
9. Fragments: my mother gets kind of crazy when she sees all of my notecards and post-it notes laying around, left intentionally or forgotten, in the house and throughout our office space. She states that she doesn’t know why I always write on every little thing I see and hey, I still am trying to find the answer to that question myself! But in all honesty, part of me knows that it is simply the writer in me; furthermore, the part of my spirit which needs to put the message that was or is being sent to the forefronts of my consciousness at that exact moment in time to seal them forever in print — from mind to paper. It is sort of like (big scientific word which basically means the process of something solidifying) the solidification of the thought, no… that is exactly what it is. So all of these fragments are like walking back in time and piecing together my own mind; the mind of Dominic J. Jones.
10. Previously in this post I stated I flipped blindly to the pages of a book and read it…what I found between those two pages was a statement that made me garner a question. The statement read: It is because you are still asleep. In turn my question became: Am I still asleep (directed to Allah aka God)?
11. Excerpts from conversations with my friends via text [D.B Jr.]
12. I say familial wealth a lot also // or at least I do in person. I noticed I haven’t so much in this blog to date; however, I would love to take the time out to explain to you what I mean by this. The first examples who come to mind are Sean Carter and Sean Combs. I did a little wikipedia research on their first names, since they are identical, and discovered Sean is irish and derived from John which means “God is generous.” Now, when I write about this post, watch how I connect the dots 😀
13. Charles Dutton — my mother informed me today while watching my new favorite show of the season ‘Zero Hour,’ that this actor is originally from Baltimore, Maryland and I would definitely like to find out about other famous people who are originally from Baltimore, Maryland as a study. Many people do not respect the city, the one that I was born in, as a major city — even though it is the main attraction in one of the richest states in this country.

I have a lot to write about now and I won’t start making another blog idea list until I conquer this one! I promise! In the mean time, please please please check out my website. It will prompt you to fill out a four entry form so that we can open up the doors of communication and then it will give you your first taste of my company and what we actually do to change lives like yours!


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