Successful Day after Day of Turbulence

Yesterday was a good day. I got my second member sign-up and my first true follower!

Check out this neat little video one of my teammates posted in our group on Facebook: !!

That’s definitely how I feel after having invited between 50-60 people my first two to three weeks into this business adventure of mine and only managing to pull off two successful member referrals: 1) my mother (no brainer which I referenced to in a previous post I believe) 2) my friend Nigel Clark

Now — interestingly enough, my second sign-up has probably one of the better stories my member referrals will be able to tell from working alongside me in the joint venture each member referral is taking with me when they decide to acquire their membership and join my team as a Vacation Promoter. That’s what I would like to dwell on tonight. Just this small minor victory of acquiring, as the youtube video dubs my friend Nigel as my “first follower.”

Me and Nigel have both been undergraduate students at Pennsylvania State University for more than three plus years, and that’s about the length of our friendship. I came in only a year before him and met him while he was a freshman. We quickly developed a friendship with our common interest in writing (even though this blog has been one of my best kept writing secrets from him — he will eventually find me out!). He joined one of the Fraternities on campus and I continued to lead my ‘man on the edge, alone,’ college lifestyle — especially after my freshman group of friends dispersed each in their own direction at the start of our Junior year.

We both found ourselves in hard spots with our personal relationships with the University at separate times of our college careers; however, the crux of our hardships  were both academically related. At this exact point in time, while these letters of text evanesce from the synapses of my fingertips to the waiting, receptacles of the keyboard, I cannot recall what was the cause of his academic hardships; although, it can be marked for the record here that my own came from a combination of dealing with my sickle cell anemia in a new environment which still after three years I was just beginning to get acclimated to, secondly, the pressure of being successful in school while working part time every single semester just to make sure I could live while at school and lastly, too much freedom of choice. To elaborate on that last wrong of mine, I take full responsibility for my actions as an individual and I am not ashamed to say that I made the improper decision of placing before my course work trivial trifles.

Jumping back to our present time, when I had shown Nigel the presentation of my company World Ventures, he was extremely grateful that I had shared the invitation with him and was on board with the company as a member and with me in my team as a Vacation Promoter as soon as possible. ASAP ended up being yesterday 2/14/13, when I signed him up for his Dream Trips U Life Membership, and as a Representative for the company.

After the “business,” presentation my mentor Mike Huboky, always advised me to text him while the presentation is being watched so he can have a heads up, and then to give him a call afterwards so he can field any of the prospects questions, and tell his own personal story. Each individual story is — in my eyes at least — what makes this company steam roll forward. It’s all about the people and what better way to make an income than to do it with your friends and family right? So I call my mentor Mike Huboky, who — mind you — I still have not yet met in person yet myself and get him on the phone with Nigel only to find out that they both know each other and have done business together before with Vector the Cutco Cutlery company!

WOW! I was stuck telling this story to a couple of my friends for a few days after it had happened last week only to find myself still in awe now – to the extent where I feel the necessity to dedicate a complete post to the event. If you’ve been following my blog and reading each post you’ll quickly remember that I didn’t have any point of contact for the company I was interested in becoming an Independent Representative for (World Ventures), so I contacted headquarters and was placed in touch with the closest geographical leader to my house address — Mike Huboky. Two weeks later my very first follower and good friend has more of a relationship with my mentor than I do and it was from a previous endeavor of his!

I used to sell cutco cutlery myself but it was short lived. Nigel was once a branch manager of his own office for a while and before that he was an assistant manager at several other offices in New Jersey before deciding he needed to take another break from that line of work. Mike Huboky on the other hand currently works his own consulting firm (I believe on behalf of Vector) and manages TEAM POWERHOUSE five hours out of the week mentoring myself since I started and enrolled under him. Nigel informed me that Mike is the “real deal,” being the key driving factor in one of his highest weeks of sales of Cutco cutlery at $8,000 dollars. That’s almost a $10,000 dollar week and in any company based of referrals, you’ll quickly recognize that that’s a solid week worth of work. It felt sort of surreal taking the back seat to their relationship which was already established from their prior teamwork together; however it was comforting to know that in such a small world I was in a small circle of like-minded individuals bent on success and building wealth for their families.

It made me more intrigued to meet Mike Huboky in person, and assured my intuition that this was the right decision when I made it in the weeks prior.

Now me and Nigel are going to put our heads down to the grind stone, train ourselves up as best we can on our own with the product and with all of the support and tools at our fingertips so that as time progresses and we continue to send out invites to our warm-list we will be equipped with the knowledge ourselves to field any and all questions as well as give our member referrals our personalized quick-start guide and fast-start training.

We decided that it is very important for us to go on our first dream trip together as soon as possible, to acquire what is known in the MLM industry as “product conviction,” the feeling you gain after utilizing the product of the membership so that once we’ve experienced one of the trips ourselves, we will have more to add to our personal stories and a stronger passion to acquire membership referrals.

My next post may be about one of any of these things:

  1. Product Conviction
  2. Product Training
  3. Creating my Personal Brand.

Please leave a comment to indicate which one you would like for me to write about next! Also visit my website here at and contact me at with your phone number so I can reach you ASAP about your interest in the travel club!

I can’t wait to talk to you and begin changing our lives together Traveling our World while Increasing our Wealth! vale iubeo (latin for “I bid you goodbye)


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