Successful People Always Have Their Moments of Turbulence


Good Morning World!

Today I ran into a bit of turbulence with my Vacation Promoter business and both in two very different ways. I am not discouraged at all by both occurrences of this turbulence but looking at it as a necessary part of me growing and developing my business and continuing to progress from henceforth.

Yesterday morning I went to campus and rented out a MacBook from the computer lab, which I’m using now to type this post on, not that I do not already have my own DELL but because I feel as though I get a lot more work done on a MacBook and work more effectively towards my goals when the apple is firmly in my lap. Ever since I’ve gotten my iPhone 5 I’ve been dying to purchase one of the new 15″ inch, Retina Display MacBook Pros’ with a few modifications on a credit card that I got approved for because I know how sick it would be to go from a five year old DELL to a fresh new MacBook. Anyway, that’s neither here nor there, just as I was leaving the computer lab I ran into one of my longer-term friends who is on the executive board in his fraternity only known to me as ‘Phi Sig.’ I say he is a longer-term friend of mine here because this campus that we attend is the largest satellite campus of Pennsylvania State University and has a unique “2 and 2,” program where you complete your first two years here and then transfer to finish your last two years up at the main campus/university park/ state college, etc.

So, I turn around and walk with him back into the computer lab to the seat he chose to complete whatever task brought him there. We sit down and without any further delay I ask him about his verbal commitment that was given to me previously about joining up with me as a Vacation Promoter to seriously bring World Ventures to Penn State Altoona and get some recognition around the campus.

Now, before I go any further, it is important that I give you the back story on my invitation to him and another of the board members who is coincidentally his roommate. They both were ecstatic and thrilled at the opportunity. Both of them had question after question after question and really had me believing with all their energy at the time that we were going to do this thing right and go further our success together. I got them on the phone with my Mentor as he advised me to do with all of my prospects so that he can share with them his story and encourage them to start their own. While they were on the phone with my mentor he told them just as he told me — ‘keep this thing under wraps, until we get you guys plugged into the system and show you how to hit this thing successfully,’ while on the other hand, my friend’s strategy was to talk to his initial top-ten list of prospects before he signed up so that when he does sign up he will already have his first cycle completed.

Womp, womp, womp…

His plan hit the fan, and was shredded to pieces because of his disobedience to the mentor. He went out there unprepared, and unarmed with the tools he needed to give an invitation to the travel club the proper way (that is the way that will get the prospects the most interested in the travel club and the most anxious to get their membership) and ultimately failed in arising any interest in the travel club with all the friends he took it to, and both of his parents.

I was so upset at the time, that I did not ask him how did he go about taking it to them, I just knew that he probably didn’t utilize the video (,which is the one essential key to this entire business and why there are so many different versions of them from the people who have gained the most success out of this business so far) and he sure as hell did not give me a call to answer any questions or direct him to youtube where he could see the video again.

*Sighs heavily* Anyway, the other exec. board member who was there during my invitation to the original prospect I saw not to long after that in the campus cafeteria, but I did not bring up the business with him because my friend who brought me the upsetting news about all the people that were turned off by however he took them the bits and pieces of information that he had, said that he would definitely still sign up after he went on a trip with me. That I can deal with, and am currently looking more into to see if there is a weekend get-away trip that me and him can go on for the sake of actually putting the product and my membership to use for the first time. More on this in another post…

So after that morning, I didn’t really do much of anything else with the business exposure until around 11pm, when I was going back through my e-mails and found some e-mail correspondence between me and another prospect of mine who I had just recently met through an online meet-locals-in-your-area application.

Just like she said, we went on one date, did stuff, and then after that it was all this travel club stuff. In response I told her it’s become like that because “I’m trying to change my life financially and help others do the same in the process. My love life or sex life can wait.”

She stated that “I would’ve liked to make (made) money with you but I just don’t see that happening,” and at this point I’m all falling over myself trying to keep my jaw from hitting the floor because other things have already been said and I’m giving it to you in this order because of how it leads up to my “moral of the story,” hehehe. I am looking for strong minded individuals who have an ambition and passion to succeed just as I do — one that doesn’t have to be rekindled or re-lit. I responded to that message with this one of my own: “Yeah, and that’s a mind set I would prefer to stay away from,” which was just my nice way of saying I don’t want that mind set to be anywhere near my business because I feel it would be detrimental to the team that I’m already in and the team that I’m making myself. I give out these invitations to people who I feel would appreciate them, loves to travel and would make a great business partner as long as their hearts and minds are in it, but you don’t see yourself making money with me? I was just floored by that statement and felt as though I should’ve never even brought it to her attention if she truly feels that way.

Furthermore, there are more highlights to our text conversation last night. To go along with the point of the above paragraph — her mindset that was set on failure before she even began — and the story about my other friend prior to this one, she stated that: “I’m not taking responsibility of something if I don’t think I’ll be able to provide (for?) it. I know that I wouldn’t be able to afford 60 bucks a month. Especially once those student loans start coming in.”

Before I go any further — the monthly fees only apply after your first 30 day period with the travel club, of course, like all other memberships or subscriptions the fee doesn’t apply or kick in until 30 days after your sign up date. Be that as it may, unlike many other memberships/subscriptions/etc. World Ventures, if you become a Vacation Promoter like myself and invest in your membership and your business, gives you thirty days to get the training, mentoring, information and support you need to recruit four other members (which they labeled as “getting your wings,”) so that your monthly fees are waived off FOREVER! Yes, four member referrals and as long as they keep their membership you won’t have to pay your monthly fee’s ever again. Two more successful member referrals after that and you make your first team cycle which gives you a total payout of $570 dollars. That’s $3.92 cents short of doubling your money for the Young Adult/College Professional Program that anyone between the ages of 18-25 are eligible to enroll in. I hope you can see where I’m going with this…

If she had a positive mindset and will with this travel club that she stated in a e-mail prior to yesterday’s text conversation that said: “Well, let me know what you think because I would love to join the business aspect of World Ventures,” and would’ve trusted meI wouldn’t be writing this post right now because I would trying to help her get her wings and extra two referrals to get her cycle and make her money back asap.

During the middle of the conversation she made a comment that made me flare my nostrils to their fullest extent and huff strong enough to blow the three little piggies houses down…

She said “Word of advice Dom. To be a business man, your gonna have to work on kissing ass. Especially since you’re not up there yet…”

Me – “Not up where?”

Her – “In CEO land.”

Me – “Thanks but you can keep that advice for yourself. I never do business with anyone who believes I have to kiss their ass.”

Her – “Oh hun I didn’t want you to kiss my ass. Basically what I was saying was you get more bees with honey than you do with vinegar. You want people to join you, you should probably be a little more kinder to them.”

Pause it right here. The original message that was sent to her about trying to go and recruit people without having the proper tools to make those prospects seriously interested in getting a membership read like this: “What I meant about ‘you’re not all in,’ is that you’re not entirely committed as a vacation promoter without first putting your money where your mouth is and signing up. I can’t really take any one seriously who says they’re going to go get people before they sign up because they don’t have everything they need to do it successfully.”

Now, please, please, please, leave comments on this post and tell me if that was “rude,” as she believes it was. To me, it was just an honest business statement. I didn’t want her to make the same mistake my exec. board member of the frat did and ruin some of her warm list before she was equipped to inform them properly about the travel club and get the highest amount of interest out of the prospects.

She thought it was “kinda rude,” then continued to think pessimistically when she shortly thereafter texted me “I do not know Dom, what’s gonna happen when things don’t work out the way you want it to. You gonna get nasty with me then”

At this point I draw the line between business and personal — when we’re talking business, I’m a shark and I prefer my meat nice and bloody rather than neat, cute and cuddly. I’m going to get my hands dirty, work really hard, and be 1000% honest with all of my teammates no matter what the subject is. I wanted success for her, as I stated — I want success for everyone that I invite into my team; however, what I do not want are people who are not optimistic, are not as passionate about traveling as I am, and people who cannot follow directions. That’s what my mentor asked of me. “Hey, Dom, can you follow directions?” I said “Hell yeah, I can,” and the rest has been more or less meticulously sketched out here on this blog.

The straw that broke the camels (aka. my) back, in speaking to her was when I told her that I would put her in direct communication with my mentor so the only thing she would have to deal with me is signing-up. In retaliation she responded: “No Dom, in all honesty, that would make me feel even more uneasy. I don’t know him and I don’t trust people like him…”

Before I end this post with my response to that I would just like to add this final thought on that last comment. A) You didn’t know me either when we planned on meeting up in person from the internet so even though you didn’t know me you had to have trusted me to some extent to pick me up and ride me around in your car and go on a date with me.

In response and how I will leave this post for the night will be with my response to her text:

“I just don’t think you understand that it is a team business. We are not successful if you are not so we are going to do whatever it takes to help you be successful. Just like you said you don’t know him and don’t have a reason not to trust him so I don’t know what you mean by that comment “people like him,” because I am someone exactly like him. And if you can not trust him you can’t trust me. And if there’s no trust then there’s no partnership, there’s no team, no us. Nothing. Yeah, I’m definitely done talking to you about this for tonight. I’m feeling disrespected now so goodnight.”


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  1. Hello all who have liked this post! I am very thankful for your time reading my thoughts and following my journey through this life changing experience. I hope that we can strike up a line of communication and if you’re interested in the travel club that I’ve been talking up here definitely reach me via e-mail at and I’ll be sure to extend the life changing invitation to you as well!

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