Game Plan

Hello World!

It’s been a little while since I’ve gotten a post up here but I wanted to keep this blog active and stay current. I’ve been doing a lot between the intermission as well so let me catch you up!

Since the last post I’ve gotten on board with World Ventures and placed my investment in myself to start as a Vacation Promoter (a spiffy title that I caught on too while watching the presentation videos — I prefer it to “Independent Representative,” got my first sign-up (regardless of whether it is my loyal Mother or not), and am continuously making efforts at pushing and expanding my team.

I’ve given out about forty to fifty invitations so far to my warm network within my week or two as a Vacation Promoter and have a list of ten verbal commitments given to me so far. The thing with those verbal commitments is just the financial situation.They are all young adults with their own financial situations so by me letting them know now, and that they can get in whenever but it is crucial to get in as fast as possible, they’ll be working towards saving up their membership price and then I’ll be able to work with them on building the initial stages of their team.

I need to follow up with these verbal commitments just to remind them of their verbal commitment to me, update their stance if they’ve changed their mind or how they feel about their invite into the club, and go from there. If I get any of the verbal committers to follow through and sign up with me then I will begin working with him or her to start making their team, otherwise I am going to continue to invite my warm network until it burns out.

On Facebook I have at least 500 friends. That’s 470 more than the average member, so I have quite a list to go through already. This is going to be big and this blog is going to become a traffic hot spot when I really get the ball rolling with my business.

For anyone reading this and interested in my company World Ventures and wish to learn more about their product and how you can also become a vacation promoter, by all means feel free to leave a comment with your contact information or reach me here at:

You can take a look at my personal website that introduces you to the product (in the first video), what it entails to be a vacation promoter (in the second video), and the testimonials from people who have also taken the exclusive invite only opportunity to change their lives.

Peace be upon you,

Dominic Jones


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