Good evening mates of this landless web!

I have made the point of contact, as you can tell in the post made a day or two ago (losing track of the days they are going by so swiftly!) and now it is time to elucidate the terms of appropriation as mentioned in the first post titled Birth.

There it can be read that I was worried about the financial part of becoming an Independent Representative, whereas before the mention of the initial cost to enter into the business I stated myself as a student. Here with all that prior knowledge, one may ask how do you go about securing the funds to enter into the business? Alas’ upon speaking to my up-line I was elated at hearing the discount for students. It’s a total of 286.96! Thus, I officially became a member yesterday. What followed Appropriation is the Initial Game Plan and then Interested Contacts.

My first task, given to me from my uplink, was to create a list of ten interested contacts I want to present this business to. I quickly scrambled the list of ten people down of whom I want to bring this to their attention. I then went to sleep with excitement and zeal contained — even to this point in time my excitement is still being withheld. It is a very difficult thing to do but I am often-times, most reserved while writing.

Nevertheless, the day and time is here where my independent representative training begins. My uplink and I exchanged a few messages via text today and there I was given my second task: watch as much of the training videos that I can.

That is what I will go to do now — and while I’m watching the videos, I will be taking notes down so that I can formulate them into a post and into my initial game plan.

May your travels be forever in your favor!


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