Point of Contact

Good Morning World!

Yesterday was a good day for me. I was able to get in contact with World Ventures Headquarters by giving their call center a ring. I got in touch with a nice little lady from austin, Texas and spoke to her for about twenty to thirty minutes explaining that I was not yet a member but was interested in becoming a member as well as entering into the business aspect of World Ventures as well. To my surprise she stated that there were no World Ventures Leaders located close enough to me in Pennsylvania (central–where I attend College nor South East–where I live at home), nor in the closest state of Maryland (where I am originally from). Be that as it may, the opportunity to get into the business and make a lot of advancement into the travel club appears quite possible.

I was given a point of contact from Headquarters to a man named Mike Huboky who is based out of a town in southern New Jersey — the closest Leader too me (at a distance of 125 miles from the town of my home residency). We sent a few e-mails back and forth yesterday (Monday, January 28th) and were set to speak this morning; however, I woke up in the middle of the night as you can see and realized that I cannot find my iPhone 5. I must have left it at my friends house because it is not in my car nor is it in my house and my (Chinese) roommate who was up when I woke up, called it for me and I heard no ringing or vibrating — but the ringback tone definitely played. I will have to make the trip up to my friends house around nine a.m. before I feel like anyone of the guys who live in the apartment would even think about waking up to answer the door.

Anyway, my first point of contact has been made and now I am going to prepare myself for speaking with Mr. Huboky and absorbing all the knowledge from him as I can about the business of World Ventures. I am particularly interested in what it takes to become a Leader, because being unemployed right now, I have no problem shifting World Ventures as an Independent Representative to the forefront of my life to make money on my own schedule and at my own leisure.

I hope that this goes as planned.


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